A Definite Book To Buy This Baseball Season

The 2011 Major League Baseball season will soon be upon us. What better way to kick off a new season of baseball, then to read a great new book about; well….baseball. Best selling author of, “Watching Baseball Smarter”, Zack Hample, has just finished writing yet another book entitled, “The Baseball”. But this book isn’t just about the ball; but also the “Stunts, Scandals, and Secrets” surrounding it. (FYI, the official full title of Zack Hample’s new book is, “The Baseball: Stunts, Scandals, and Secrets Beneath the Stitches.” But I’m too lazy to type the whole title over and over again. So I’m going to stick with just “The Baseball.”)

“The Baseball”, isn’t set to be released until March 8th.(Mark it on your calendar.) But I was lucky enough to stumble across a galley of it on Ebay. (Just in case you’re not sure. A galley is a rough draft of the book. But has the same basic contents.) Now that you’ve been caught up with how I have read a book, that hasn’t been released yet. Let me get to the part where I give my opinion of it.(For what it’s worth.)

First of all, I hate to read. “What? You’re giving a review of a 300 page book, and you hate to read?” In a word, YES. Reading is not one of the things I choose to do in my free time. So how did I manage to read a 300 page book? That’s where this book diverges from any other book I (and probablly you) have ever read. Other books,about baseball, give great facts and details; but it is a real struggle to keep interest throughout the entire thing. Not this book. “The Baseball” is written in such a way, that you learn tons and tons of interesting information, while at the same time you’re having fun reading it.(You know how you had that one teacher in school, that could teach the same information as all of the other teacher’s; but you grasped it better than the students in the other teachers’ class; because you were having fun at the same time? Well, Zack Hample is that one “teacher”, that makes learning new information fun and interesting.)

“The Baseball”, covers a wide range of topics. From people who have been killed by baseballs, to celebrities who have snagged them, and then onto how they are constructed. (The construction of a single Major League baseball, is a more tedious task than most people realize.) There is even a section on how YOU, can take apart a baseball to discover what lies within. (Why? Just because.)

“The Baseball”, is broken up into three major parts. With the third part being about how to snag a baseball of your own; from your local Major League ballpark. Don’t have a Major League ballpark nearby? Don’t worry. These amazing strategies work at minor league ballparks too. This part of the book teaches you exactly: when to arrive, where to go, and what to do; in order to get a baseball. Zack Hample should know. He has snagged over 4,600 baseballs from 48 Major League Stadiums.

Well, there’s my two cents on Zack Hample’s new book, “The Baseball.”

Still not convinced that this is a must have book? Then go to Zack Hample’s website:


There you can read more about, “The Baseball.” Including official reviews by the media. While you’re there, check out Zack’s other two books he has written; “Watching Baseball Smarter”, and “How To Snag Major League Baseballs.”

CLICK HERE to order “The Baseball” from Amazon.com.


2 thoughts on “A Definite Book To Buy This Baseball Season

  1. Awesome review! Thanks so much for (a) reading my book despite hating to read and (b) writing such nice things about it. That really means a lot to me. I hope we’ll finally get to meet in person this season. Talk to you soon…

  2. I left a comment on YOUR blog thanking you for your positive opinion of my review. But I thought that I would thank you again; here on MY blog. THANKS!!! I hope we’ll get to meet in person this season too.

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