Andy Pettitte Calls It Quits

After a sixteen year career, Yankees pitcher, Andy Pettitte, has decided to call it quits.
I personally, have always admired Pettitte, and think that it sucks he has decided to leave. There is a lot of talk about wether or not Pettitte is good enough to make it into the Hall of Fame. According to Pettitte, he isn’t good enough. He says that he found the game difficult most of his career, and sees it as only players that make the game look easy, as being worthy of the Hall. I don’t know. I think he is good enough to make it. But thats just my opinion. Any thoughts on Pettitte in general? Or his chances of making it to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY?


5 thoughts on “Andy Pettitte Calls It Quits

  1. From Chone Figgins in Seattle to Carl Crawford in Boston, they all let out a sign of relief knowing one of the best pick-off artists in MLB history will not be on the mound in 2010.
    For all the great things Pettitte has done over the years from New York to Houston, his stand-off attitude this off season is overshadowing his game.
    But his tell-tale admission to a PED rehab and his affiliation with someone named Clemens will always throw a shadow on hismight too.
    But I do stand and applaud the way he played the game. How he would look strenly at hitters at the plate daring them toslice his pitches into the corner or even attempt to steal a base off him.
    I will miss Pettitte for his fire and gumption, but I will not miss his wins again my Rays.

    Rays Renegade

  2. RUSSELW- His connection with PED’s and bad ERA, will definitely hurt his chances. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.
    RAYSRENEGADE- I agree that Pettitte’s game should be applauded. He indeed had fire and gumption.

  3. when it comes to Andy Pettitt you just throw everything negative out of the window. hes been a stand up guy his whole career. all hands down i believe tha Andy Pettitte is a first balot hall of fame guy. just by his character alone . personally i dont even see where the discussion of him not being in the hall of fame would even be. and must i add he does have over two hundred wins, and five world series championships tell me what you think, i know he’s a hall of famer.

  4. I agree with you that he will probablly make it into the Hall. If I were a HOF voter; I would let him in. But, sadly, I’m not a voter; and have no influence on who gets in. It will be interesting to see how the HOF voters feel about him.

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