3/31/11-Opening Day-Curse of 42

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I thought this day would never come. Baseball is finally back!!!!

I realize that there has been Spring Training games going on for the past month and a half, but as I stated in a previous entry, it’s not my thing.

As I was sitting on the couch today watching the first game of the season(Yankees Vs. Tigers), I couldn’t help but think of the number 42. Why? Well, I don’t know if you have noticed, but it involves Mariano Rivera more than just his number. Not only is he number 42, but he currently need 42 saves to pass Trevor Hoffman. He turns 42 this year. And the temperature at the start of today’s game was…..you guessed it; 42 degrees.

It is unreal how many times the number 42 is coming up. Coincidence? You tell me…….


  • Today the game time temperature in Cincinnati was 42 degrees.

  • The Brewers’ first two batters hit home runs to start off the season for the first time in 42 years.


I also just realized that I published this entry at 9:”42″. I SWEAR I didn’t do that on purpose. Something is going on with number 42.

-UPDATE # 2-

I just found out that Mariano has 42 career postseason saves.


Questions For Heath Bell

Sometime this week I’m going to be emailing Heath Bell (technically his assistant) a few questions that I have for him. I already sent an email once, asking if it was okay to send some questions for Heath to answer. The response was from Heath’s assistant, Mike, who assured me that if I sent along some questions, Heath Bell would answer them when he could.

I already have my set of questions ready to go. But before I send them along, I was wondering if anyone reading this had any questions for the Padre’s closer. Just leave a comment with your question(s) in the next couple of days, and I might send it along with mine for Heath to answer.

Check back next week for the answers. (I’m hoping next week, but it may take longer or shorter, depending on Heath’s schedule.)


I just received my first success EVER, when it comes to getting autographs through the mail. I sent out a card to Mariano Rivera and Mark McGwire, a little while ago, and just received the Mark McGwire back.
Mark McGwire Auto. Card.JPG
Here’s a closer look at the autograph itself:
I hope to receive the Mariano Rivera back sometime this week, so stay tuned….

Also, the tickets for the June 21st Reds Vs. Yankees game came in the mail today. Can’t wait to go. (The game is EXACTLY 3 months from today!) Happy Spring.


I never did recieve the an autograph back from Mo. Or even the card, for that matter.

Spring Training……(Sigh)

Am I the only baseball fan out there that thinks Spring Training is boring?

That’s the reason, there’s not a single sentence on this blog (until now), metioning the words spring and training in the same sentence. I just can’t get into it.

Maybe it’s just me. But I feel like I’m watching a Minor League baseball game, whenever I turn the T.V. to a preseason game. Spring Training, to me, lacks the excitement you get during a regular season game.

Now don’t get me wrong. If you LIVE for spring training, or something like that, I envy you. You get into something that I don’t think I’ll ever get into.

First of all, the stadiums are small. Thus the number of fans are limited. Then there’s the fact that all of your favorite players, and the team stars, get removed halfway through the game. Also, the fans don’t seem as die hard as they do during the regular season. I mean, I realize that a spring training game has just a few thousand fans, while a regular season game has tens of thousands. But, the other day during a game, a player (I’m not sure who) hit a three-run home run. Man, I’ve heard more applause and cheer from the parents of little leaguers when their kids get a single. Unbelievable.

It probably is just me. But I won’t feel like baseball is really here, until I look and see that the date is March 31st. The day of the first games of the regular season.

The Waiting Begins…….

Remember 5 days ago when I blogged that I was going to send out a few items this week, in hopes to have them sent back signed? Well, just in case you have a bad memory, or didn’t read it at all, CLICK HERE. (Or just scroll down.)

Anyway, I sent out two cards so far. A Mark McGwire and a Mariano Rivera. I know that Mark McGwire did steroids, and that Mariano Rivera is extremely popular. But according to sportscollectors.net, they are both signing a good deal of autographs through the mail. So I decided to give them both a shot.

I’ll post pictures of the autographs when/if, I get them back, in a later entry…….

Through The Mail Autographs

Starting next week, I am going to mail out some items to several baseball players, with the hopes of autograph success. I haven’t decided exactly who yet, or how many players I’m going to send things to…..but I am going to send out at least a few.

I have no idea what to expect…….Will they sign at all? How long will it take? But I am looking forward to finding out the answers to these questions.

I am not going to send out items to the TOP players, such as Derek Jeter, (Basically the entire Yankee team), Albert Pujols, etc.
I’ll probably just send out items to the less popular players.

I’ll post an entry of the autographs I get (if any) at a later time. So stay tuned……

In other autograph news, I am planning on going to the June 21st game between the Reds and the Yankees. (It is in Cincinnati, Ohio.) I am planning on arriving at Great American Ballpark at around 1:00 for a 7:10 game. Why? For autographs……of course. I am going to stand at the Yankees entrance from around 1:00 to around 4:00. Then try my luck during BP for autographs. I know it sounds stupid to arrive at 1:00 for a 7:10 game. But the way I see it, I REALLY want an autograph. So why not give my self the best opportunity to do so?

If there is anyone reading this that has ever tried and succeeded (or failed) at getting an autograph by mail, I’d love to hear your story.