Upcoming Entries

This isn’t an entry about baseball news, or baseball stats. It’s just an entry telling some of the things I’m going to be blogging about soon, so you know what’s coming up. Just in case you care.

First of all, do you remeber a LONG while back when I sent a card to Mariano Rivera to get signed? Well….I still haven’t recieved the card back, and because it’s over a week into the REGULAR season, I’ve given up on recieving it back. Good thing I didn’t send something valuable.

Anyway, now on to the upcoming entries.

1) Every Saturday, for the rest of the season, I’m going to blog about the stats of my 5 favorite players. Just like this one. So I hope you enjoy them, because there will be a lot of them written.

2) I recieved another email today from Heath Bell’s assistant saying that “Heath has been really busy lately, but is planning on answering my questions asap.” When Heath get’s his 100th save(he’s currently at 93) I’m going to write a BIG blog entry about him, and include the Q and A. So fingers crossed that it all works out.

3) Other than the two above “sure” things, I don’t know what else I’m going to blog about. I might go to a few games at my home teams Triple-A team. But I’m not sure. I’m definitely going to be going to some Major League games this summer. Three games are already confirmed. (Yankees Vs. Reds, June 21st—Rays Vs. A’s, August 5 and 6) I might go to a few more, but not confirmed yet.

Attendance Predictions–And Reasons Why

YANKEES VS. REDS–I’m predicting a sellout crowd for this one. First of all, it’s the Yankees. Secondly, the Yankees haven’t played the Reds in Cincinnati since June of 2003. So yeah, that should be a load of fun fighting the crowds.

RAYS VS. A’S–I’m predicting no more than 10,000 fans to show up. First of all, the Rays are currently 0-5. If they don’t get their act together they’ll be lucky to have 1,000 fans show up for their games. Even if they start to win I still predict a small crowd. It seems like the Rays never have large crowds.

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