Upcoming Blog Entries

Now that school is out, I’m going to be blogging a lot more now. Not an every day thing, but probably at least every other day or so.

Some blog entries will be random ones, about things going on in baseball, and some will be on hot topics. I’m not really sure yet.

But what I am sure of three upcoming blog entries:

The first will come sometime next week, as I’m going to do a Q and A with Alex Meyer on Monday, and form it all together in a blog entry sort of like Neiko Johnson’s. Unlike Neiko, Alex has already been drafted. (To the Nationals.) But I’m sure that Neiko will sign with a team soon. [Update….I was right. He signed with the Astros earlier today!]

The second entry that I’m sure of, is one on the June 21st Yankees @ Reds game. I’m showing up at 1:00 (for a 7:10 game) to try and get autographs from the Yankees players as they enter the stadium. I’m also taking my glove to BP for the first time EVER. And lastly I’m going to try and get the Yankees lineup cards from Girardi. It will definitely be an interesting/long blog entry, due to all that’s going to go down. So check back sometime after the game.

And the last entry that I’m one hundred percent sure I’m going to do is on the Louisville Slugger Factory. I’ve never been, so that should be nice.

Other than the three things listed above, I have no idea. The entries will be about whatever baseball related thing that I’m thinking about at the moment.

Lastly, in the unlikely event that you want to follow me on twitter, I’ll be posting links to my entries, and updates about random things that are going on. If you’re still reading and DO want to follow me, you can do so by clicking HERE.

That’s all ’til Monday……..

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