President Obama’s Visit To North Carolina

I said I’d be blogging at least once every other day, and I kept my promise. Sorry this entry isn’t baseball related, but I figured it would be neat to do an entry on. (The next entry WILL be related to baseball…….I promise.) With that said:

I arrived at RDU International Airport at 10:45 am. I had read online that Barack Obama was due to arrive at the airport at 8:30 am, and I arrived late because I was JUST looking to get a picture of Air Force One. I thought it would be “parked” somewhere off of the runway where I could get a good picture and leave. But when I arrived, NO AIR FORCE ONE! Where was it? Hmmmmm.

It turns out that it hadn’t arrived yet. It was then that I learned that it wasn’t scheduled to arrive until 11:00 am.


After standing and watching to the right for the plane to appear, I heard a plane engine coming from the opposite direction. When I turned my head, this is what I saw:

How cool is that!!!!!

I had never seen Air Force One in person, and it was quite an experience. But wait. There’s more. (Pictures, that is.)




Before I show the next picture, let me explain something. I had moved from my original spot on a hill, to the fence in front of Air Force One. Now that I’ve explained that, here’s the picture:

After spending around 10 minutes there, I noticed that the crowd was moving further down the road. So I followed the crowd. Literally!

All 25, or so, of us ended up moving to the top of a hill overlooking the plane. But we weren’t there two minutes when a cop came running up the hill, from the opposite side, SCREAMING his head off that “WE HAD TO GET OFF THE HILL.” Quickly followed by, “GO BEHIND THE BARRIER.” One man replied, “What barrier?” To which the cop loudly answered, “OVER THERE.” (Wow Mr. Cop. Thanks for being specific.) In case you’re wondering, we never did find the barrier he was talking about.

I was wondering the ENTIRE time we were all roaming around, how heavily we were being watched. I got my answer when I looked to the roof of a nearby building:

In case you couldn’t tell, those guys on the roof are snipers. And they were WELL armed.

I was a little apprehensive about taking the above photo. I mean, what if they didn’t like to be photographed?!? But obviously, nothing happened.

Well, that about wraps things up. It was TRULY a once in a lifetime experience. Something I’ll remember for a while………

And for those of you STILL wondering why I would post an entry about Barack Obama’s visit on a baseball blog, HERE:

Do you feel better now? 🙂


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