Q and A With Daniel Hudson

Today’s Q and A entry is on Daniel Hudson. Starting pitcher for the Arizona Diamondbacks.

When Daniel Hudson made his Major League debut on September 4, 2009, he pitched two innings of scoreless relief. Since then Hudson has worked his way up to starting pitcher where he has had success.

Belows Q and A’s is meant for you to learn more about what interests Daniel Hudson:

1.) Favorite type of music.

“Country and Rock.”

2.) Favorite song.

“Sideways. (By Dierks Bentley.)”

3.) Favorite food.


4.) Favorite T.V. show.


5.) Favorite movie.


6.) Favorite book.

“Don’t read much.”

7.) Favorite thing to do in free time.


8.) Favorite time of year.

“Spring/early fall.”

9.) Favorite sport, besides baseball.


10.) Favorite player growing up.

“Chipper Jones.”

11.) Favorite shoe brand.


12.) Favorite car.

“Porsche Panorama.”

13.) Favorite subject, when in school.


14.) Favorite quote.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.”

15.) Favorite moment of baseball career thus far.

“Getting called up in ’09 while playing in Norfolk, VA. (My home town.) 90 friends and family there. Including my fiance.” 

I hope this helped you to learn more about Daniel Hudson of the Arizona Diamondbacks.


Big thanks to Daniel Hudson for answering my questions.

You can follow Daniel Hudson on twitter: @DHuddy41

The next Q and A entry will be posted Wednesday, August 17, on Mike O’Hara and Ryan Wagner, of the MLB Fan Cave.

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2 thoughts on “Q and A With Daniel Hudson

  1. There’s a fine line between being blinded by the spotlight, and never being talked about. Daniel Hudson has a good balance between the two. I think that keeps him grounded and successful.

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