My Official Apology To Dan Uggla

If you never read the entry that jinxed Dan Uggla, CLICK HERE, to read it. If you’ve already read it, continue reading…..

My apology to Dan Uggla for jinxing him is as follows:

Dear Dan Uggla,

As you probably haven’t heard, I posted a blog entry on you yesterday. It was about your 33 game hit streak and my prediction of how far I felt you would go before your streak was broken.

I quickly got my answer.

Mere hours after the entry was posted, the ballgame was over, and you had gone hitless.

It was my fault.

Knowing that I am the BIGGEST jinx in the world, I posted the entry anyway. The entry that ruined your chance of extending your hit streak to 34 games.

So, I apologize. For doing the stupidest thing, that a jinx can do. Jinx you, by talking/writing about your hit streak.

Please accept my apology.

Your biggest jinx,

-Matt Huddleston

And there you have it. My official apology to Dan Uggla.

I hope he accepts.

Dear reader. I know that Dan Uggla will NEVER see this. (I’m not THAT stupid.) It was just a fun little entry in which I apologized *to* Dan Uggla.

Just wanted to make that clear.

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