Q and A With Mike O’Hara and Ryan Wagner

Today’s Q and A entry is on Mike O’Hara and Ryan Wagner of the MLB Fan Cave.

Since the start of the MLB season, Mike and Ryan have watched EVER single MLB game. Through this experience they’ve also been able to meet and talk to many current and past MLB stars.

Below’s Q and A is meant to help you to learn more about what Mike and Ryan are in to:

1.) Favorite type of music.

MIKE: “Punk.” 

RYAN: “Blues.”

2.) Favorite song.

MIKE: “Too many to name.”

RYAN: “Guilty. (Written by Randy Newman. Performed by John Belushi.)”

3.) Favorite food.

MIKE: “Seafood.”

RYAN: “My mom’s cheesecake.”

4.) Favorite T.V. show.

MIKE: “Sons of Anarchy/Rescue Me.”

RYAN: “House.”

5.) Favorite movie.

MIKE: “Animal House.”

RYAN: “Too many to pick one.”

6.) Favorite book.

MIKE: “The Westies.”

RYAN: “Right now it’s the Game of Thrones series.”

7.) Favorite thing to do in free time.

MIKE: “Listen to music and hang with friends and family.”

RYAN: “Nap. Or play golf.”

8.) Favorite time of year.

MIKE: “Autumn.”

RYAN: “Fall. I like the cold.”

9.) Favorite sport, besides baseball.

MIKE: “Football.”

RYAN: “Football. Go Ravens!”

10.) Favorite player growing up.

MIKE: “Donnie, Nettles and Reggie.”

RYAN: “Cal.”

11.) Favorite shoe brand.

MIKE: “Nike.”

RYAN: “I love Nike and Under Armour.”

12.) Favorite car.

MIKE: “Cadillac.”

RYAN: “57 Bel Air 13.”

13.) Favorite subject, when in school.

MIKE: “English literature.”

RYAN: “I liked History, and Political Science. And theatre courses.”

14.) Favorite quote.

MIKE: “There are so many great quotes. I really can’t pick one.”

RYAN: “That’s a hard one. It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.-Albus Dumbledore.”

15.) Favorite moment from time spent in MLB Fan Cave thus far.

MIKE: “Talking with Goose Gossage.”

RYAN: “Probably just getting to hang out with some amazing people. Ernie Banks, Reggie Jackson, Ozzie Smith, etc.”

I hope this helped you to learn more about Mike O’Hara and Ryan Wagner of the MLB Fan Cave.


Big thanks to Mike O’Hara and Ryan Wagner for answering my questions.

You can follow Mike and Ryan on twitter: @mikeyoh21 , @rwags614 , @MLBFanCave

The next Q and A entry will be posted on Saturday, August 20, on Jeremy Guthrie, of the Baltimore Orioles.

PAST Q AND A ENTRIES: Brent Lillibridge and Daniel Hudson.

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