Top MLB Player Twitter Accounts

Below are the top 10 twitter accounts out of all the current MLB players on twitter. The list is based on how often the player tweets, and interacts with fans through twitter replies, RT’s, and twitter contests:

1.) Brandon Phillips– @DatDudeBP

Wether it’s a twitter contest or just plain old twitter replies, Brandon always seems to be interacting with his followers/fans.

2.) David Price– @DAVIDprice14

Does his best to reply to what seems like every tweet that someone sends him. Very active tweeter.

3.) R.A. Dickey– @RADickey43

Although he’s still getting used to twitter, R.A. does a great job of answering his fans questions that they send him.

4.) Logan Morrison– @LoMoMarlins

His timeline is full with hilarious tweets, as well as TONS of replies to fans that have tweeted him. Great tweeter. (Just don’t mention the words “preying” and “mantis” in the same tweet.)

5.) Jimmy Rollins– @JimmyRollins11

Has been doing really well lately on twitter with replying to his fans tweets. He seems to really appreciate them.

6.) Denard Span– @thisisdspan

Another great tweeter that loves to interact with his fans on twitter. Just an all around great guy.

7.) Justin Turner– @redturn2

Is really good about answering questions that fans ask him. He is also a funny guy. Always has something on his mind.

8.) Peter Moylan– @PeterMoylan

Tweets a lot about his teamates, but also makes time for responding to his fans tweets. Great tweeter.

9.) LaTroy Hawkins– @Adidas219

Great about responding to his fans. LaTroy also holds contests for prizes, from time to time.

10.) Joba Chamberlain– @Joba_62

Funny dude as well as being a good responder to tweets his fans send him.

Honorable Mentions (Not in above list since they’re retired from MLB.)

-Chuck Knoblauch– @chuckknoblauch

Chuck does a great job of responding to nearly every tweet that someone sends him. He also gives away ten autographed pictures for every 1,000 followers he gets. Awesome guy/tweeter.

-Bernie Williams– @bw51official

Bernie enjoys interacting with his fans on twitter. Is good about responding to tweets that he recieves. Tweets about his new book, his concert dates, and just baseball in general. Great tweeter.

That’s my top ten MLB tweeters list. If you have others in mind that should be on the list, leave a comment. I’d love to hear your thoughts…..

3 thoughts on “Top MLB Player Twitter Accounts

  1. ROSE-
    Thanks. I might eventually get to your idea of Minor League Players on twitter, but I’m SO busy right now, I don’t know when that will be.
    I can tell that you really like Rollins. 🙂

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