My Take On Last Nights ALCS and NLCS Games

Rangers Vs. Tigers-ALCS

Here’s the situation: Bases loaded in the bottom of the 11th. Nelson Cruz at the plate. No outs. A deep fly ball to the outfield would win it for the Rangers, as there are no outs. More than likely, as the batter, Nelson Cruz was thinking: “Okay. Just make solid contact to send the ball to the outfield, so that the winning run can score.” (Like I said, that’s what he was probably thinking. I have no way to know for sure. He could of been thinking, “I’m gonna hit a grand slam”, for all I know.) Whatever was running through his head, his approach at the plate was flawless. EVERY pitch that he swung at, in last night’s bottom of the 11th at bat, he was right on. But the fourth pitch of the at bat was the one that he was on the most. As it was that pitch that he sent flying over the left field wall. Game over. Walk-off grand slam. The first walk-off grand slam in post season history.

This win over the Tigers brought the Rangers to a 2-0 lead in this championship series. Just two wins away from their second, consecutive, world series appearance. Truly an amazing feat.

Who knows? They might just be good enough to go all the way and win the World Series. We’ll all just have to wait to see how things play out.

Cardinals Vs. Brewers-NLCS

Last night’s blowout by the Cardinals proved that they don’t necessarily need a squirrel to win. All they really need, is for their star firstbasemen, Albert Pujols, to get hot; and did he ever. In last night’s 12-3 win against the Brewers, Albert went 4-5 with 5 RBI’s coming off of a home run and THREE doubles.

Albert’s performance in last night’s game raises the questions: Was this just a one night event? Did Albert just have a good night and the Brewers have a bad one? If you’re a Brewer’s fan, you’re hoping the answer to both questions is yes, that this was just a short lived streak of luck for Albert. Reason being, that if you look back to the past, whenever Albert has gotten hot, and stayed hot, he’s almost impossible to stop.

But it’s not just Albert. This entire Cardinal’s team is incredible. Overcoming the large wild card deficit they had in the early part of September to not only make the playoff’s, but to actually have success in them. Truly amazing.

Last night’s win by the Cardinal’s tied them with the Brewers at one game a piece for the series. They have off tonight as the teams travel to St. Louis for game three on Wednesday. Will the infamous squirrel make another appearance? Will Albert Pujols and the Cardinals continue you their amazing winning streak? We’ll have to watch to find out.

2 thoughts on “My Take On Last Nights ALCS and NLCS Games

  1. Good to have you back. Nice read. We will see who pulls it out. I am rooting for the Tigers v Brewers W.S. But then I always like the underdog teams.

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