Fried Chicken Anyone?!?

I normally try to stick to writing no more than a single blog entry a day, but I just had to get my thoughts out about this. I’m guessing that you’ve already heard about what was occuring in the clubhouse of the Red Sox during some of last months games. If you haven’t heard, you’re in for a shock. Josh Beckett, Jon Lester and John Lackey spent the games that they weren’t pitching in, in the clubhouse chowing down on biscuits and fried chicken, drinking beer, and playing video games. (I at least hope it was MLB 11: The Show.)

Could all of that food and games have caused the Red Sox September demise? Well, maybe. But the behind the scenes eating and drinking, in the clubhouse, more than likely only partially caused the Red Sox playoffs chances to slowly vanish before their eyes. Terry Francona may have not of been fully focused on the prize, due to marital problems he had been having with his wife, Jacque. These marital problems, which ultimately caused Francona to move out and live in a hotel for most of the 2011 season, along with the pain medication he was taking, may have been enough to distract him for much of the season. When confronted about this by the Boston Gobe, Francona strongly denied the statements, saying:

It makes me angry that people say these things because I’ve busted my [butt] to be the best manager I can be. I wasn’t terribly successful this year, but I worked harder and spent more time at the ballpark this year than I ever did.

I kind of agree with Francona. I believe that he’s just as much of a professional as any manager in the game. I have a hard time believing that he would allow his personal problems to interfere greatly with his job as the Red Sox manager. No matter the case, Francona was fired as the manager of the Red Sox, on September 30th. Which leaves the question of: What’s next for the Red Sox?

With their star pitchers chowing down on junk food, and a manager position to fill what will happen to the Red Sox in the 2012 season? To make matters worse, their GM, Theo Epstein, is reportedly leaving the Sox for the Cubs. (20 million/5 years.) With no general manager, no manager, and star players acting like this is high school ball, do the Red Sox have any shot at success in the 2012 season?

4 thoughts on “Fried Chicken Anyone?!?

  1. Wow , so really Matt you decided to perpetuate the rumor mill. None of this has been to my knowledge documented or admitted to by anyone. I understand this is the b.s. of the day, I am just a little taken aback that a blogger of you’re caliber would even entertain re-writing such nonsense.
    The Red Sox were plagued by injuries, bad trades and owners who simply did nothing to change what was happening. Hopefully they will straighten themselves out. I think they have let go of one of the best managers in MLB and they will regret it. Thanks for the read though.

  2. Just writing on the topic of the hour. Sorry if I offended you. I mostly write about upbeat stuff but when a story this big comes around I feel that it is my duty as a baseball blogger to blog about the major news. Good or bad. I didn’t take a side in my opinion. I just reported the facts, included a few quotes, and posed the question of whether or not the Red Sox would have any success next year. No harm intended. I hope the Red Sox have a great season next year. I liked Terry Francona and wish him all the best. Once again, sorry if I upset you.

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