2011 Gold Glove Awards

Last night was the 54th annual Gold Glove Awards, which began back in 1957. What made last night’s Gold Glove Awards different from years past, is that it was the first time the winners were announced in an hour long televised Awards show, which was broadcasted on ESPN2.

The Gold Glove Award is an award that is given each year to the players that are judged to have exhibited superior individual fielding performances at each fielding position in both the National League and the American League, as voted by the managers and coaches in each league. (Managers can not vote for their own players.)

Below is a list of the NL and AL 2011 Gold Glove Award nominees and winners. Please take the time to read through it–even if you watched the awards last night on ESPN2–as I’ve included my opinions on the winners, as well as some facts that I found interesting:


AL Nominees– Matt Wieters, A.J. Pierzynski, and Alex Avila.

AL Winner– Matt Wieters. (First Gold Glove.)

NL Nominees– Yadier Molina, Brian McCann, and Carlos Ruiz.

NL Winner– Yadier Molina. (Fourth Gold Glove.)

Yadier Molina was awarded his fourth consecutive Gold Glove last night. It’s a great feat to win four in a lifetime, but four in a row is incredible.


AL NomineesMark Buehrle, Dan Haren, and Fausto Carmona.

AL Winner– Mark Buehrle. (Third Gold Glove.)

NL Nominees– Clayton Kershaw, Hiroki Kuroda, and Kyle Lohse.

NL Winner– Clayton Kershaw. (First Gold Glove.)

Mark Buehrle won his third consecutive Gold Glove last night. For a pitcher, it’s not really making great catches, but picking off runners, and limiting mistakes, that gets you a Gold Glove.


AL Nominees– Alex Gordon, Brett Gardner, and Sam Fuld.

AL Winner– Alex Gordon. (First Gold Glove.)

NL Nominees– Gerardo Parra, Ryan Braun, and Matt Holliday.

NL Winner– Gerardo Parra. (First Gold Glove.)

It was the first Gold Glove award for both the AL and NL, Left Field winners. Alex Gordon was a bit of a shock to me when you had Brett Gardner and Sam Fuld in the mix, but I can’t deny that Alex Gordon had a great season as well.


AL Nominees– Jacoby Ellsbury, Austin Jackson, and Peter Bourjos.

AL Winner– Jacoby Ellsbury. (First Gold Glove.)

 NL Nominees– Matt Kemp, Shane Victorino, and Chris Young.

NL Winner– Matt Kemp. (Second Gold Glove.)

Jacoby Ellsbury won his first Gold Glove last night. It was no surprise to me, with the amazing season he had.


AL Nominees– Nick Markakis, Torii Hunter, and Jeff Francoeur.

AL Winner– Nick Markakis. (First Gold Glove.)

NL Nominees– Andre Ethier, Carlos Beltran, and Jay Bruce.

NL Winner– Andre Ethier. (First Gold Glove.)

Both Nick Markakis and Andre Ethier were awarded their first Gold Gloves last night. Both had great seasons for their respective teams.


AL NomineesAdrian Gonzalez, Casey Kotchman, and Mark Teixeira.

AL Winner– Adrian Gonzalez. (Third Gold Glove.)

NL Nominees– Joey Votto, Gaby Sanchez, and James Loney.

NL Winner– Joey Votto. (First Gold Glove.)

Last night was Adrian Gonzalez’s third Gold Glove, but his first in the AL. No shock there really. He’s a great player, and had a Gold Glove year at first base.


AL NomineesDustin Pedroia, Robinson Cano, and Ian Kinsler.

AL Winner– Dustin Pedroia. (Second Gold Glove.)

NL Nominees– Brandon Phillips, Neil Walker, and Omar Infante.

NL Winner– Brandon Phillips. (Third Gold Glove.)

Dustin Pedroia was awarded his second Gold Glove last night. I’m glad for Pedroia. He had a great season, and deserved it as much as anyone. Brandon Phillips–who also had a great season–had tons of Gold Glove plays this year, including the through the legs flip to first base, back in May.


AL Nominees- Erick Aybar, J.J. Hardy, and Asdrubal Cabrera.

AL Winner- Erick Aybar. (First Gold Glove.)

NL Nominees- Troy Tulowitzki, Ronny Cedeno, and Alex Gonzalez.

NL Winner- Troy Tulowitzki. (Second Gold Glove.)

AL short stop is the only Gold Glove award that I disagree with the recipient. Now don’t get me wrong. Erick Aybar had a great year. But I feel that Asdrubal Cabrera had just as good of a year, if not slightly better. But I’m not a Manager or Coach, so I don’t get a vote.


AL Nominees- Adrian Beltre, Kevin Youkilis, and Evan Longoria.

AL Winner- Adrian Beltre. (Thrid Gold Glove.)

NL Nominees- Placido Polanco, Daniel Descalso, and Pablo Sandoval.

NL Winner- Placido Polanco. (Third Gold Glove.)

Both Adrian Beltre and Placido Polanco were awarded their third Gold Glove award last night. Both had a fantastic season, and were well deserving of the award.


  • There were nine first time Gold Glove winners.
  • The Red Sox and Dodgers had the most Gold Glove Award winners, at three a piece.
  • Last night was the first time that a Gold Glove was awarded to the Left Fielder, Center Fielder and Right Fielder. In years past, the award was given to the three best outfielders in each league, regardless of their position.
  • Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier were the first pair of outfield teamates to win Gold Glove Awards in the NL since Andruw Jones and Jeff Francoeur did it with the 2007 Braves.
  • Last night was the first time Dodgers outfield teamates have won Gold Gloves in the same year.

7 thoughts on “2011 Gold Glove Awards

  1. How were Daniel Descalso and Ryan Braun even nominated? Braun is the worst outfielder ive ever seen! He has a great bat, but this should be about fielding only and he stinks at fielding! Danny only played part of the year at third. He moved around a lot when Freese came back from injuries. Not that he wasnt good because he is. Just kinda confusing how he could be nominated when he didnt play the whole year at third.

  2. Nice blog. Although I disagree about Erik Aybar . I watched him play all year and he is a fantastic shortstop who had some spectacular plays this year as in years passed. He earned this Gold Glove.
    It must be a hard job to choose with so many worthy candidates.

  3. Interesting the teams that were left out of the win list, yes? Not complaining at the three Red Sox winners, mind you… just kind of expected Brett Gardner to be on the list… not complaining…

  4. SHAUNA-
    I guess that Descalso played well enough to get nominated even with missing part of the season? As far as Braun goes, I don’t think he’s that bad of an outfielder. No matter what, neither of them one the Gold Gloves.
    I never said that Aybar didn’t deserve the Gold Glove, I just said that I thought Asdrubal Cabrera deserved it more. Just my opinion.
    I was expecting Brett Gardner to be one of the Gold Glove winners, but I guess he didn’t have quite a good enough season.

  5. i do not see how aybar won the award. Asdrubal Cabrera should of won it and thats not jus cuz i am an indians fan. I watched asdrubal play all year and he should of won it

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