Jeremy Guthrie Shoe Collection Q and A

Jeremy Guthrie–starting pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles–has a unique hobby. He collects shoes; and lots of ’em. I recently had the chance to ask Jeremy some questions about his shoe collection. You can find the Q and A with Jeremy below:

(1) How many different pairs of shoes do you have?
About 300.
(2) Have you actually worn all of them at least once?
I have worn about 15 pair.
(3) Which pair is your favorite?
AJ 11 Concord (bought them in HS).
(4) How large (dimension wise) is your shoe vault?
8×8 foot.
(5) What’s the most you ever paid for a pair of shoes?
$3,050-Back To The Future Shoes.
(6) Do you have a favorite shoe brand?
(7) Do you think you’ll ever become satisfied with your collection?
(8) Is there a specific place/store you buy your shoes from?
Get most of my shoes from Nike website or Niketown.
(9.) Do any of your teamates collect shoes as well? Or just you?
Adam Jones and Andino collect.
(10.) Why do you collect shoes?
Have always loved shoes since I can remember.
(11.) Lastly, do you collect anything else?
Collect postcards and signed Sports Illustrated magazines.
Big thanks to Jeremy Guthrie for answering my questions about his shoe collection. Be sure to check out my past Q and A entries:

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