Justin Verlander Wins AL MVP

I was looking to go 6 for 6 with my predictions that I made a week ago today. Through the Rookie of the Year and Cy Young awards, I was right on, going 4 for 4. I was feeling good about my AL MVP prediction, of Jacoby Ellsbury. I didn’t think Justin Verlander would recieve enough votes to win, given the fact that he’s a pitcher, but I was wrong. It was announced earlier this afternoon that Verlander was in fact the winner of the MVP award. The first starting pitcher to win it since Roger Clemens, back in 1986.

You’re probably wondering–or maybe you’re not, I don’t know–about how I feel about Verlander’s recieving of the AL MVP award. First of all, I have nothing against a pitcher winning. Considering the fact that there was a 25 year drought between starting pitchers, it’s not like any starting pitcher can win it. They have to have an incredible season–as Verlander did. Another thing that put Verlander over the top for me, is the fact that he became the first pitcher since Sandy Koufax, back in 1965, to record 24 wins and throw a no-hitter in the same season. Anytime your name is included in the same sentence as someone as great as Koufax, you know you had a special year.

The results of the AL MVP voting (top 5) are as follows:

1) Justin Verlander- 280 Votes

2) Jacoby Ellsbury- 242 Votes

3) Jose Bautista- 231 Votes

4) Curtis Granderson- 215 Votes

5) Miguel Cabrera- 193 Votes

Although I didn’t predict Verlander to win, I didn’t think that the results would come out the way they did. I thought for sure that Curtis Granderson would finish either second or third, but he came in fourth–with Bautista beating him out. That’s the only part of the MVP voting that I question. But whatever. It is what it is. Congrats to Justin Verlander.

There is a lot of controversy as to whether or not a pitcher should be allowed to win the MVP award. I say absolutely, but you may think otherwise. So, what do you think?


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