Blogging Plans for the Rest of 2011

Sorry I haven’t posted a blog entry in awhile. I decided to take a short blogging break after Thanksgiving, but I’m back now. This blog entry’s main purpose is for you to be quickly caught up with my opinions of the latest news in MLB–including the hiring of Bobby Valentine as the Red Sox’ Manager–as well as get a general idea as to my blogging plans for the rest of the year. So let me get started:


I’m not going to spend a lot of time on this. There have been several trades and signings that have taken place since I blogged last, but I’m just going to focus on the main two that stand out in my mind: Jonathan Broxton and Jose Molina. (Sorry if that’s not the ones you wanted to hear about.) First of all, let me point out the obvious. Broxton didn’t have the best year this past season. Sure he was injured, but before that he put up some terrible stats. I’m talking about a 5.68 ERA and 15 hits off of 12.2 innings pitched. That’s a bad ERA for a starting pitcher, but as a closer, that’s awful. He recently signed with the Kansas City Royals, and considering the fact that he recently underwent surgery, that could be a big sign for the Royals. Up until this season, Broxton hasn’t been half bad. So you gotta figure that the Royals are thinking the same, that he’ll come in pitching better than ever. Now turning my attention to Jose Molina. I think it was a fantastic decision by the Rays to sign him. Although he’s never played in more than 100 games in a single season since the begginning of his career in 1999, I still think he will contribute a lot to the team. He’s no power hitter, having hit just 6 home runs this past season, but he can come through when you need him to, so I think it’s a good fit. As a matter of fact, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Tampa Bay Rays get back to the play offs again in 2012. Not only that, I predict they’ll make it further than they did this past season. World Series perhaps? Who knows. I just think that with Matt Moore, Jeremy Hellickson and James Shields as their Aces, and Evan Longoria and BJ Upton as their big bats, this team will go far.


After what seems like forever, the Red Sox have finally made the announcement that Bobby Valentine will become the new manager of the Red Sox. A great choice, however I’m not so sure it’s the right one. Valentine–who’s been known to not hold back when it comes to letting his opinions be known–is the kind of person that I don’t think many people will quickly come to like. I’m not saying it will never happen, but it will take some time. After Terry Francona came in to help the Sox win their first World Series title in 86 years, I’d say those are some big shoes to fill. Maybe too big?


Of the 16 candidates on the 2012 Hall Of Fame ballot, only two of them are first timers. The two are Bernie Williams and Bill Mueller. Every other name has been on their at least once before. In my opinion, Bernie Williams is a true Hall Of Famer, but then again, he is my favorite player of all time, so I might not be in the position to make a fair choice. Some of the non first year names that stand out most include Barry Larkin, Don Mattingly, Dale Murphy, etc. But then again, they all stand out. That’s why they’re on the ballot. Should be interesting to see who gets in, and who’s left hoping for next time.

Staying on the topic of the HOF ballot, but shifting gears a bit, I want to take a second to talk about the fact that Mark McGwire is on the ballot. The guy was an incredible player–583 career home runs, with 70 coming in the 1998 season alone–but his steroid use is something that I think should keep him out. It’s not right. Somewhere, a guy with the last name of Rose, is shaking his head.


Now that I’ve gotten my opinions out about the latest things baseball, let me take a minute to discuss my blogging plans for the remainder of 2011. I’m still planning on posting a Q and A entry once a week. (Something I plan on doing up until the start of the 2012 regular season.) Coming up sometime this week, is Kurt Suzuki, of the Oakland Athletics. As far as other blog entries go, I’m just going to blog as the MLB news happens. The only blog entry that I’m sure of, is one that’s coming up around Christmas. (Yes, it’s Christmas related. Imagine that.) Part one will come on Christmas Eve, and part two on Christmas day.

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