Miami Marlins New Look

The Marlins’ new look began to take shape back on September 28, when the signing of Ozzie Guillen, as their new manager, was made official with a press conference. Things took off from there. Next came changing the team name from Florida Marlins, to Miami Marlins, which subsequently lead to a new logo, as well as new uniforms. But the biggest news thus far isn’t the new uniforms or manager, but the newest members of the Miami Marlins, Heath Bell and Jose Reyes. Reyes–who signed a six-year, 106 Million dollar contract–is sure to help the Marlins out tremendoulsy, with his great speed and hitting ability, while Bell–who signed a three-year 27 Million dollar contract–is sure to close out plenty of games. Both of these signings were great ones for the Miami Marlins, but all this money spent so far brings up a major question: Will the signing of Bell and Reyes increase attendance for the 2012 season?

So, will the addition of Heath Bell and Jose Reyes to the Marlins spark baseball fans’ interests enough to get them to buy tickets and take a trip to the ballpark? The Marlins better hope so. I need not remind you of the scene that took place at a Marlins-Reds game in August of this past season. A mere 347 “fans” attended that game:

The Marlins needed to find a way to boost attendance levels, and I think they found it. With the additon of Guillen, Bell and Reyes–with talk of Pujols recieving a ten-year offer exceeding 200 Million dollars– combined with the new ballpark and uniforms, I think the 2012 attendance levels will be up, and stay up as long as the Marlins begin, and continue, to win. If not, I can very easily see the Marlins’ attendance going back to their well-known levels.

Please take a moment to vote in the polls below.

1) On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being AWESOME) how would you rank the Miami Marlin’s new uniforms?

2) On a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being AWESOME) how would you rank the Miami Marlin’s new logo?

3) Lastly, do you think the Miami Marlin’s attendance levels will increase for the 2012 season?

 If you have any further comments, please feel free to leave one below.

5 thoughts on “Miami Marlins New Look

  1. With the new stadium, new logo, new manager, and new players; new fans will show up. The question is, how long will they keep showing up? I think Miami is doing something really smart by refusing to offer no-trade clauses. If things aren’t working out three years from now, they can trade away Reyes and anyone else they can sign (Pujols???)

  2. I agree. Their attendance levels might stay up for the 2012 season, but only because it’s a new ballpark and people are curious. After that, people won’t show up as much, I don’t think. As far as Pujols goes, I don’t think he’ll sign with the Marlins. I’ve got him staying with the Cards.

  3. I think they’e absolutely terrible. As a designer – and a person whose dream job is to design sports logos and uniforms – I judge the team designs unbiasedly form an artist’s view.
    The Marlin in the logo is awkward looking and very weakly shaped.
    The M font is nice, clean, works for Miami. But the colors are whack. Dolphins orange? With blue, yellow, black and silver? Ew. The black would work with the blue, and they’d be unique since the Blue Jays went updated retro.
    Overall, the feeling of Miami does not come thru in the uniforms. I’ve lived in Miami. Miami is neon, latin, white buildings, blue water, high fashion, European, etc.
    I just don’t get a Miami feeling out of anything except the font.
    And don’t get me started on that gaudy monstrosity of a “homerun feature.” Could be the worst money ever spent.
    That – and the uniforms/logo – are what you get when the art dealer owner thinks he has good taste.

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