Q and A With Josh Spence

Josh Spence made his Major League debut on June 24th of this year against the Atlanta Braves. Although the 23 year-old lefty from Australia is new to baseball on the Major League level, he’s already seemed to develop confidence on the mound. As former Padres pitcher Heath Bell put it: “He’s calm and cool like an iceberg.” Spence–LHP for the San Diego Padres–took the time recently to answer some of my questions:

1.) At what age did you first become interested in baseball?

I first became interested in baseball at the age of 8. I started playing T-ball and it then progressed into baseball. No one in my family played baseball before me. I actually tried alot of other sports before baseball but once I picked up the bat and ball I never looked back.

2.) Did you always want to be a pitcher?

I didn’t always want to be a pitcher. I really enjoyed playing outfield in the leagues back in Australia, but naturally pitching took over. Now I just get my work in during batting practice, so hopefully one day I can sneak back out there. Haha.

3.) Describe your MLB debut. What was going through your head on that day?

My MLB debut is something I’ll never forget! Just running out from the pen, feeling the atmosphere of the crowd on a beautiful San Diego night was amazing. It was firework night and when the final out was recorded off it went. It was a “fairy tale” ending to my debut. It’s a strange feeling accomplishing something you’ve been working your whole life for firstly and secondly, doing it quicker than expected. Me I just need to work hard and keep my spot!

4.) This was your first season of MLB. What did you take out of it? What went well? And what do you feel you need to improve on in 2012?

It was a monster learning curve. If I told you what I learnt and what I need to work on I’d have to kill you ;). I will say this and is no secret: I need to cut my walks down. There were too many base on balls on my behalf and if I want to be successful in the future I need to do a better job to control that aspect of the game.

5.) Are there any pranksters on the Padres? If so, have you ever been pranked? Or do you do the pranking?

Obviously Heath Bell was the biggest prankster on the team, and yes I got pranked hard, but if you had of told me I’d be sharing a locker room with these superstars and that they’d treat me as one of their own, I would have told you you’re dreaming. Haha. It was an honor, in a nutshell, to be pranked.

6.) Favorite TV show?

I’m a sucker for Family Guy and Workaholics. But I don’t mind watching Pawn Stars and Storage Wars either.

7.) Favorite food?

Avocado!!!! If it’s got avocado in it I’ll eat it!

8.) Favorite thing to do on an off day during the season?

Play my Xbox. I love just relaxing on the couch and getting some gaming in.

9.) Favorite moment of baseball career thus far?

Getting called up and the whole excitement is undoubtedly the favorite moment of my baseball career thus far.


Big thanks to Josh Spence for answering my questions. You can follow him on twitter: @joshspence


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