Best Baseball Movies

There have been hundreds of great baseball movies over the years. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to list them all, so I’m not going to try. Below there is a list of 10 of my favorite baseball movies that I’ve ever seen. Please vote for which of them is your favorite baseball movie:

If you voted other, please leave a comment below with which one is your favorite.


4 thoughts on “Best Baseball Movies

  1. It’s actually a hard question. Yes, there are dozens of baseball flicks dating back to the days of Babe Ruth doing two-reel shorts, but luckily each is individual. ‘The Natural’ is a great nostalgia peice, nearly epic in its depth (which ‘Field of Dreams’ aspires to reach) while ‘Eight Men Out’, also a period peice, has the aspect of gritty realism. Many give ‘Bull Durham’ the nod because it is the most realistic, if not romantic, of the modern-day baseball stories. While true, I can’t really take anything away from ‘Major League’ as it is just a great escape peice, also true of ‘The Bad News Bears’ (either the original or re-make, both of which lovingly destory the innocence one may get from ‘The Sandlot’). Of the biographical types, ‘Cobb’ may be the standout so far as films like ‘The Babe’ and ‘Pride of the Yankees’, while endearing in their story-telling, don’t really give the same in your face truth.

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