MLB Beat the Streak 2012

This is my second year playing Beat the Streak and quite frankly I’m not very good at it. I didn’t get started last season until sometime around July, so I figured starting out from day one of the 2012 season would give me a better chance of getting to that magic number of 57 needed to win the grand prize of 5.6 million dollars. Well, I was wrong. If anything I’m having worse luck than last year. But it’s still early, and I’m hoping things will begin to turn around for me in the coming days/weeks.

The fantasy baseball game Beat the Streak has been around for the past several seasons, and the rules are fairly simple: Pick a player everyday that you think has the best chance of getting at least one hit. (Can be the same player or a different one. It’s up to you.) As long as that player gets a hit your streak continues–whether they go 4-4, or a mere 1-4 in that particular game.

A slight twist has been added this year to make it more exciting. In years past you would pick your one player and that was it. This season you have the option to double down and pick two players that you think will get a hit. If they do, your streak increases by two instead of the conventional one. Like most things in life however, there is a catch. If either of your two picks fail to get a hit your streak goes back down to zero. So it’s high risk, but can also be high reward if you’re lucky enough to have both players record a hit.

So far this season I’ve failed to increase my streak to more than two. Each day of the season thus far I’ve chosen to take “advantage” of the double down feature, but haven’t had much luck. I might just end up doing one pick at a time if this continues to be a problem for me.

If you’re not already playing, I suggest you start. CLICK HERE to be taken to the main page. If you have an account already, just log in. If not, don’t worry, it’s really easy, and most importantly, free. Even if you’re like me and have terrible luck, it’s still fun to play. And who knows? You might just get lucky and win the 5 million bucks. (In which case you have to give me half.)


6 thoughts on “MLB Beat the Streak 2012

  1. I’ve been playing since 2004, my longest streak is 17 games. I liked when they had HR streak. If I remember right, you had to get a HR in 9 straight games to win the grand prize. Someone actually had 8 in a row then picked M Cabrera. Cabrera hit a ball that went over the fence for a HR, but it hit a railing in the first row and bounced back. The ump thought it hit the top of the wall…… and called it no HR. The guy that picked Cabrera didn’t get the prize, but if I remember right, MLB sent him to the All-Star game.

    As for double-down, I keep getting a hit from one player and a blank from the other.

  2. There has to be a way to calculate who has the best odds of getting a hit given the current starting pitchers, ballpark, opposing bull pin effectiveness, etc. Anyone good with algorithms and have a lot of time on their hands? I too keep getting burned by the double down, can’t get past 6.

  3. I like to pick batters facing Carl Pavano or Joe Blanton. They are batting practice pitchers. Alas, my longest streak is 15 games.

  4. I have been playing Beat the streak for 3 or 4 years and i enjoy it. My longest streak this year is 15. I had 5 on June 24 but on June 26, 27, and 28 they were all number 3, so I should have had 7 total instead of 5, not sure why that happened as I did not double up. As of June 30 I am back to 0.

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