Rangers Fan “Steals” Baseball From Little Kid

I’m sure by now you’ve seen the video and read numerous blogs discussing the incident that took place during last night’s Rangers game. If by some chance you haven’t, CLICK HERE to watch the video.

After watching the video several times my first thought was: “What’s the big deal?” The ball was tossed in the general direction of the kid, but there’s no way to know for sure as to whether or not he was the intended target. The ball was lobbed into the air, and thus was fair game.

The guy who ended up with the ball is getting tons of critisism because he didn’t give the ball to the kid. That doesn’t make sense to me. The guy did nothing wrong. He didn’t knock the kid down. He didn’t snatch it out of his hand/glove. Heck, he didn’t even reach in the kids direction. He picked the ball up off of the ground after it deflected off the hands of the 10 other guys in front of him who went for the ball. Why aren’t we upset at those guys too?

I truly don’t understand what makes kids so special that people seem to believe that if a ball lands within 100 feet of one, and an adult gets it, that they should immediately hand it to them. For a lot of people (adults included) they’ve never even come close to catching a ball. You know they have to be extremely excited when their moment of glory finally comes, and they get a ball. Why should they be required to hand over their souvenir?

Remember last season when the kid reached in front of the younger kid and snatched the baseball, only to return it back to the smaller kid moments later? Well, he was rewarded with tons of stuff. I guarantee you that the adult that came up with the ball last night would’ve recieved zip if he had of done the same. Why is that? What makes kids so much better than fully grown men? It baffles me.

I’ve never been lucky enough to get a baseball at a game. I’m sure I could easily get one if I tried hard enough, but for now I’m content with just sitting there observing. However, if that day in which I finally get a baseball comes in June, in Cincinnati, or 15 years down the road, I’m not going to hand the ball over to a kid; unless it’s my own. I don’t see why I should.

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not trying to sound like a kid hater. I’m not by any means. (I have 4 cousins between the ages of 6 and 12, and I love them to death.) I’m simply saying that there is something wrong if you’re expected to hand over a baseball, or face being booed by thousands of people. It’s just a baseball.

I’ll admit, I’ve witnessed (in person) people tackle little kids for baseballs and keep them for themselves, but that guy last night did absolutely NOTHING wrong. Had he of tackled the kid, or snatched the ball from him I’d be bashing him like everyone else. But from my point of view, he was just doing what any person would do. He was just a fan, fulfilling the dream of any baseball fan: Catching a ball at a Major League Baseball game.


I’m aware of the more recent incident in Miami, and I still stand with my original thoughts on the matter. While it looked like the grown man took the ball from the girl, it actually appears to me that the ball would’ve been caught by the boy WITH THE GLOVE anyway. Whatever the case, for all we know, it might be the first ball that guy has EVER gotten. He shouldn’t be critisized just because of his age and size.

Please leave a comment with your opinion of the whole situation. Whichever side you’re on, I want to see what you (the reader) has to say.

16 thoughts on “Rangers Fan “Steals” Baseball From Little Kid

  1. I 100 percent agree.. I wouldn’t give a ball to a kid that I caught, unless the kid was my own. Everyone thinks that adults have obligations to EVERY kid… Sorry I don’t care too much about any one elses kid unless they are my own or family. But anyway great blog

  2. I agree completely. The only kid who is getting a ball I catch is my own. There is no obligation to give it to some random kid

  3. It’s called being grown up you idiots. It’s a fricken ball. Give it to the kid and get over it. Unless that’s all you have in life…is a baseball.

  4. I saw the video also, I don’t even think the guy (or the women with him for that matter) realized what was going on for several minutes until other people started booing. It didn’t look like they even knew that the kid was crying because he didn’t get the ball.

    Would it have been nice if the kid got the ball……yes. But I sort of felt bad about that couple getting boo’d by a bunch of – we never made a mistake and we would have given the kid the ball – people.

  5. I think perspective is very important in these kinds of things. I personally think this shouldn’t be a story. We don’t know ANYTHING about either party. They could be related for all we know. Also, let me say that we didn’t see anything as a TV audience other than the ball’s final destination. Our mind can’t work without making certain assumptions, but to crucify a person on a National level like this based on multiple assumptions is sad.

  6. I think it’s fitting that one of the comments criticizing ballhawks is left by someone who left THEIR OWN NAME as “idiots”. I’d bet the kid already had more than 1 baseball that day, if his father took him to batting practice. And, if his father didn’t take him to batting practice, then he must not have wanted a ball for his child that badly. I completely agree with your stance, Matt. WrigleyRegular is also correct, as is Mateo. The same exact thing has happened to me tons of times, TONS of times, and the parent says “we’ve got one already, you can have it!” with a smile on their faces. Parents have also explained to me that they don’t want to teach their kids to be greedy, so they ask their children to give away any additional balls gotten. All we saw was this short little 2 minute clip of a 3 hour game, close to 5 or 6 hour game + BP. To judge based upon that short amount of (already spin doctored) coverage is absurd. Finally, if whoever threw the ball to the kid really meant for the kid to have the ball, they wouldn’t have just blindly tossed it. Players will approach the crowd, point out the child, and ask everyone to move and respect what they’re about to do. Often times, they’ll just call the child down and physically hand it to them. Most of all, the people who are taking the “YOU ARE AN ADULT YOU NEED TO GIVE AWAY EVERY BASEBALL YOU GET” are the ones who secretly wish they could get their own ball, but their “my crap doesn’t stink” attitude gets in the way of it.

  7. Why does any adult want to take away a thrill for a small child? Take your picture with the ball them give it to the child. Lady should put herself in place of the child’s parents. would you not hurt for your child.

  8. While I can understand where you and most of the commenters are coming from, I must respectfully disagree.

    The guy who got the ball appears to be in either his 40s or 50s. If, at that point in his life, getting a ball at a baseball game is as big a thrill as it seemed in the video, he may way to reevaluate his life choices.

    What exactly is he going to do with the ball? It’ll probably sit on a shelf for a little while, maybe get put into storage after a year or two, and then possibly one day be sold in a garage sale after he forgets how he even acquired the ball in the first place.

    On the other hand, the 3 or 4 year old child would be ecstatic to have the ball and would probably play with it every day. Sure, eventually he’ll probably forget how he got it and may not care about it anymore, but I personally believe that the child would appreciate the ball more and put it to good use. Baseballs are meant to be played with.

    But regardless of what happened or could have happened, it is just a baseball and should not be a national story. Things like this happen all the time.

  9. The bottom line, they paid just as much for their ticket for the game as the kid’s parents did. They did not steal it from the kid.

    It pisses me off when people boo an adult that catches a ball gets booed when they wont hand it to a kid 5 rows away yelling gimme gimme gimme.

  10. I completely agree with you Matt. I’ve enjoyed reading the other comments listed here but there is one tidbit no one has commented on. The little kid burst into tears and here comes the temper tantrum. How did they get him to stop crying? Someone got him a ball. What kind of lesson does that teach the child except that if he REALLY wants something bad enough, cry and ye shall receive. Thus starts the cycle of raising a brat who will have no idea of how to behave in public or work for something he truly wants. And yes, my husband and I have caught baseballs at games, but if we were lucky enough to catch a second or third ball, it was passed on to a child close to us who had behaved him or herself during the game, didn’t bang their feet on the back of our seats, didn’t whine about how bored he was throughout the entire game, knew not to use other people in the seats around them as stepping stones or launching pads to get up and down every second pitch . . . . well, you get the idea. Michael Kay is a very good announcer, but as an adult, he blew that call worse than some umpires.

  11. This is really sad that an adult gets blasted all over the internet because he got the ball off the ground and gave it to his lady over somebody else child. No one knows his situation I mean maybe he’s been to 1,000 games and never got a ball. In this instance I would blame the kids dad for not getting the ball for him. Also if I was the kids parent I wouldn’t let the dugout give my kid a ball just because he was crying. I mean can I take a crying kid to the concession stand and get him a free hot dog too, maybe a souvenir bat from the team store to go with the ball? That’s the message you are giving to this child. I applaud the guy for not succumbing to the flawed societal view that kids are entitled to whatever they want if they throw a fit.

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