Q and A With Jeremie Tice

Jeremie Tice signed with the Cleveland Indians after they drafted him in the 6th round of the 2008 draft. Since the initial draft Tice hasn’t been able to make it out of A ball, though I have a feeling it’s only a matter of time before he’s going to finally move up another level–one of the major goals for Tice this year.

Tice is currently the DH for the Carolina Mudcats. He’s played in 32 games so far this season, and has put up some pretty good numbers: 9 home runs and 36 RBI’s, off of 33 hits. That all coming in 111 at bats, which converts into a .297 batting average, as well as a .388 on base percentage. Not bad at all.

Jeremie Tice–designated hitter in the Cleveland Indians organization–took the time recently to answer some of my questions:

1.) At what age did you first become interested in baseball? Who was your biggest baseball influence?

I have played baseball since I was three years old. I always loved it more than other sports. Biggest influence growing up was Brian Jordan. I was a big braves fan and I loved how he played the game. Great athlete.

2.) Who was your favorite baseball player growing up? Why?

Favorite players were Mark McGwire and Brian Jordan. They were both beasts in the batters box and that’s what I wanted to be.

3.) You signed with the Indians after they drafted you in the 6th round of the 2008 draft. What was that process like? Where were you when you found out? Initial thoughts?

The draft process in ’08 wasn’t that bad cause I had already gone through the draft process with the Marlins, but it was still a little nerve racking, but very exciting. A lot of talking to teams on the phone and just praying I went to a good team. When I found out I was at my apartment, in Charleston SC with my dad, and I was very releaved. Crazy day. Will never forget it.

4.) This is your 5th season of professional baseball. What are your goals for this year? Anything that you’re currently working on to enable you to reach those goals?

Biggest goal for this season is to get out of A ball, but there are only certain things I can control. I’m just trying to play the game the right way and get better than I was the day before. The rest will take care of itself.

5.) When’s the first time someone asked for your autograph? Oddest thing you’ve ever signed?

First autograph was in college, at the College Of Charleston. Craziest thing I have signed was definitely a cell phone.

6.) Favorite thing to do on an off day during the season?

Off days I like to fish if I can, or just take it easy. Most of our off days are filled with a lot of work, so anything relaxing is good.

7.) Favorite TV show?

Favorite TV show is ‘Gold Rush Alaska’. If that’s not on anything on the Discovery Channel. Definitely my favorite channel to watch.

8.) Favorite food?

Favorite food is a tough one because food is a big passion of mine, but I have to choose probably a fat steak with potatoes.

9.) Most memorable moment of your baseball career thus far?

Most memorable moment so far I would have to say was getting drafted by the Indians; knowing that I was going to sign with them. A major goal met. That was a great feeling. Knowing all the work I put in just to be in that position. Next goal is to get to the big leagues.

10.) Lastly, what advice would you give to kids who are just starting out that dream of playing professional baseball one day?

I would say don’t take the game too seriously. This is a game of failure and you will fail a lot. Always work hard, and always play the game the right way. If you do that there is no telling what you can do. Sky is the limit.


Big thanks to Jeremie Tice for taking the time to answer my questions.

You can follow him on twitter: @BigOleChunkyBoy

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