Latest MLB Leaders (March 28th-August 31st)

With the first five months of the 2012 MLB season in the books I thought I’d take the first day of the September to recap the season thus far.

Instead of talking about the events that have taken place so far this year, I decided to make a list of different categories and beside them name the player(s) that leads that particular category. I’m planning on posting an entry like this on the first day of each month. (That would make 1 more of these if you’re keeping score at home.)

The following lists are categorized into hitting and pitching, but NOT AL or NL:


Most games Played-Michael Bourn and Chase Headley. (132)

Most At-Bats-Derek Jeter (553)

Most Hits-Derek Jeter (177)

Highest Average-Melky Cabrera (.346)*

Most Runs-Mike Trout (106)

Most Triples-Dexter Fowler (11)

Most Home Runs-Adam Dunn (38)

Most RBI’s-Josh Hamilton (112)

Most Base On Balls-Adam Dunn (94)

Most Strikeouts-Adam Dunn (190)

Most Stolen Bases-Mike Trout (42)

Most Caught Stealing-Jose Tabata (12)

Most Intentional Base On Balls-Prince Fielder (17)

Most Hit By Pitch-Carlos Quentin (16)

Most Sacrifice Flies-Mark Teixeira (11)

Most Total Bases-Miguel Cabrera (300)

Most Extra Base Hits-Miguel Cabrera (67)

Most Grounded Into Double Plays-Miguel Cabrera (23)

Most Ground Outs-Derek Jeter (256)

Most Air Outs-Ian Kinsler (185)

Most Number of Pitches Faced-Adam Dunn (2,488)

Most Plate Appearances-Michael Bourn (608)

MLB LEADERS (AL and NL)- Pitching

Most Wins-Johnny Cueto, Gio Gonzalez and R.A. Dickey. (17)

Most Losses-Erik Bedard, Ubaldo Jimenez and Tim Lincecum. (14)

Best ERA-Felix Hernandez (2.43)

Most Games Started-Seven players tied for most. (28)

Most Games Pitched-Shawn Camp (68)

Most Saves-Jim Johnson (41)

Most Innings Pitched-Felix Hernandez (196.2)

Most Hits Allowed-Rick Porcello (194)

Most Runs Allowed-Ricky Romero (105)

Most Earned Runs Allowed-Ricky Romero (99)

Most Home Runs Allowed-Tommy Hunter (32)

Most Strikeouts-Justin Verlander (198)

Most Walks-Edinson Volquez (91)

Most Complete Games-Justin Verlander (6)

Most Shutouts-Felix Hernandez (5)

Most Hit Batsmen-Gavin Floyd (14)

Most Games Finished-Alfredo Aceves (54)

Most Groundouts Achieved-Clayton Richard (277)

Most Double Plays Achieved-Henderson Alvarez and Clay Buchholz. (26)

Most Wild Pitches-Ubaldo Jimenez (15)

Most Balks-Franklin Morales (5)

Most Stolen Bases Allowed-Ubaldo Jimenez (28)

Most Pickoffs-Clayton Kershaw and Ricky Romero. (8)

Most Batters Faced-Justin Verlander (784)

Most Pitches Thrown-Justin Verlander (3,084)

1 thought on “Latest MLB Leaders (March 28th-August 31st)

  1. Thanks Matt, I like seeing those type of stats. In my opinion, however, it seems a little ridiculous that the highest number of complete games by a pitcher is a paltry six. I’m old school but that old saying “use it or lose it” comes to mind. For a pitcher who may be coming back from a slight injury, I can understand it. I’d like to see what would happen, or not happen, if a pitcher was allowed to throw a complete game and not worry about his pitch count.

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