2013 MLB Fan Cave Finalists

The 52 finalists for the 2013 MLB Fan Cave were announced a couple of days ago, and from now until February 13th, you can vote for your favorite(s) from the fans who made the cut. The number of finalists will be narrowed down to 30 after voting has concluded, and those 30 will be invited down to Spring Training to audition to become part of the 2013 Fan Cave. You can vote for as many people as you want, as many times as you want, between now and the deadline, at MLBFanCave.com, so if you find that there are a few people who stand out in you mind, make sure to vote for them as many times as possible to ensure that they move on to the next round.

For those of you who may not know (if you’re a baseball fan I’m not sure how you couldn’t), the MLB Fan Cave, which began in 2011, is located in New York City, and houses some of the biggest die hard MLB fans you’ll ever meet throughout the entire season. The “cave dwellers”, as they’re mlb-fan-cavereferred to, spend the season watching EVERY single game (2,430 of them) on one the many TV screens located on the “cave monster”; a large wall of 15 TV’s. The cave dwellers, in addition to watching every game, get the chance to interact with current, and former, MLB players, as well as other celebrities, who stop by the Fan Cave throughout the season; doing interviews and short skits with many of them.

It all looks like a blast.

Now, before I continue, I’d like to point out that I’m not writing about the Fan Cave finalists because I am one of them. I wish I was, but alas I still have a few more years before I can even apply. With that said, I’m writing this post for two reasons: a) I have a few twitter followers who made the cut, and (b) I really like the whole Fan Cave concept, and wanted to bring this year’s finalists to your attention.

Before I reveal the fans I’m “endorsing”, let me point out that I’ve spent the past several hours viewing each of the 52 videos (yes, I watched all of them) submitted by the finalists, covering why they feel they should be part of the 2013 MLB Fan Cave, and naturally I have my favorites; 8 of them, to be precise. (Just because I didn’t pick any of the other 44 videos doesn’t mean I didn’t like them, I just liked these 8 the best.) Allow me to tell a little bit about each of them, in no particular order, and state why I think they’d be great for the 2013 MLB Fan Cave (click on their names to be taken to their Twitter accounts):

Calder Cahill: A Rockies fan from Colorado, Cahill states that he’d be great for the MLB Fan Cave, with his main reasons being that he’s “a people person, lives baseball everyday of the year, and has interview and social media experience”. I agree that Cahill, with his passion for the game, would make a great cave dweller, and thus he gets my vote.

Bryan Mapes: A Braves fan from Connecticut, Mapes runs one of the top fan blogs on MLBlogs.com (Three Up, Three Down) and is extremely active on Twitter. His application video was very entertaining, and Mapes’ outgoing personality and knowledge of baseball makes him one of the top candidates for the MLB Fan Cave, in my mind.

Lindsay Beaver: A Tigers fan from Michigan, Beaver has interviewed multiple MLB stars, including Prince Fielder, and I feel that experience would come in handy in the cave. Beaver has the personality required of a cave dweller, and in her own words, she “loves people, loves baseball, and loves people who love baseball”. That’s good enough for me.

David Greenwald: A Yankees fan from New York, Greenwald states (in a song) that he would be great for the MLB Fan Cave, and I have to agree with him. I enjoyed the creativity of his application video, as Greenwald’s video was one of the more memorable videos of the finalists, and I feel he would be perfect for the cave.

Stephanie Katz: A Rays fan from Florida, Katz would be great for the Fan Cave, as she has a great personality and an immense passion for the game of baseball. Katz’s video was very entertaining and she did a great job of stating why she wants to become a cave dweller. I think she would represent her team well at the Fan Cave.

Hayden Moss: A D-back’s fan from Texas, Moss was a winner of the reality TV show, Big Brother. I was a big fan of Moss’ on the show, and therefore I know I’d be a big fan of him in the MLB Fan Cave. One of the most outgoing personalities of the people who submitted a video, as well as huge baseball fan, I feel he truly deserves to become a cave dweller.

Thomas Roberts: A Dodgers fan from California, Roberts submitted what was, in my opinion, the most thought out and entertaining videos of all those who submitted one. Roberts has a very outgoing personality and I could see him fitting right in up in New York City, at the MLB Fan Cave, and so he gets my vote.

Andrew Fleming: A Cardinals fan from Tennessee, Fleming had one of the more creative videos of the 52 finalists, and he certainly has the baseball passion, and personality, required to be part of the Fan Cave. Fleming would be great for the cave, in my opinion, and thus should become a cave dweller for the 2013 season.

So those are the people I’m voting for (over and over and over again). Vote for whoever you like, but I ask that, if you’re reading this, you please take the time to vote for someone. Just like myself, each of the 52 finalists eat, sleep and breathe baseball, and they all worked extremely hard on their videos to make it this far.

Just remember, when all is said and done, if you don’t vote for your favorite(s), you can’t complain if they don’t move on to the next round.

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