Blog Schedule with Two Weeks Until the Playoffs

With exactly two weeks until the first Wild Card playoff game is set to be played, things around baseball are starting to get more and more exciting. The postseason always brings an uptick in fantastic games, and with it comes an increase in my overall blog post numbers.

Over the course of this blog, October has always been one of the busiest months in terms of posts produced, and for good reason. With the playoffs going on, there is virtually an endless supply of content to discuss, which makes things both fun and difficult as I try to keep this blog up to date with the latest news. With that said, I thought I’d go ahead and give a brief overview of what to expect from this blog over the coming month or so.

Once all of the teams have officially filled every playoff spot — whether that comes at the end of this month or the first few days of October — I’m going to be writing about how I feel the playoffs will play out, giving my prediction for each round of the postseason. Given, I’m not very good at predictions, but I’m going to try again, nonetheless.

Then, on the last day of the 2016 season, I’m going to give one final update to recap the stats of the players who lead Major League Baseball in each category you can think of. I did that throughout the year on the first day of the new month, but figured I’d wait until the entire season was over to post it this time around.

After all of that, things are going to get really busy, as I’ll be discussing in individual posts which players I feel are most deserving of AL and NL MVP, Cy Young and Rookie of the Year. There are several great candidates for each category, so choosing will be rather difficult to do. Following that, I’ll be posting some World Series predictions in addition to giving recaps of the games as the Fall Classic moves along.

So get ready for a good number of blog posts in a short amount of time as October rolls closer. That’s what happens when baseball enters it’s final month.


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