Q and A With Myke Jones

Mycal Jones (or Myke, as he goes by) was drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 4th round of the 2009 draft. Since then, Myke has been working hard to move up through the ranks, as he spent the 2011 season playing for Double-A Mississippi. Myke Jones took the time recently to answer my questions:

1.) At what age did you first become interested in baseball? Did you always want to be a shortstop?

For as long as I can remember I’ve always loved baseball, although I didn’t start playing until I was 4. I started off in T-ball as a catcher so that tells you right there that I really don’t care where I play, just as long as I’m on the field.

2.) Who was your favorite player growing up? Why?

I would have to say Ozzie Smith, although I also loved Deion Sanders but that had more to do with football. I’ve played mostly shortstop all my life so I looked up to Ozzie and wanted to make all the great plays he made.

3.) Did you play any other sports besides baseball growing up? If so, why did you decide to go with baseball?

My parents finally let me venture out into football and basketball in 7th grade, and love playing both to this day. I decided to give up both in 11th grade when I was only 5’8″, 145 pounds and realized there aren’t too many guys that size in the NBA and NFL.

4.) You were drafted by the Braves in the 2009 draft. Where were you when you found out? Initial thoughts?

I was actually working a baseball camp at my old school, UNF, and went into the coaches office to listen to the draft during lunch. To be honest, I don’t remember what my initial thoughts were because it didn’t really hit me until I met with the scout to sign my contract.

5.) What do you think went well this season? What do you feel you need to work on for 2012?

I believe my biggest improvement this past season was my ability to get on base even with my batting average being so low. This upcoming season I look to improve on my base stealing and small ball game (bunting and situational hitting).

6.) You ended 2011 playing winter ball in Panama. What was the major difference of playing in Panama, than in America? What was the overall experience like? And would you consider playing Panamanian Winter baseball again?

The biggest difference in Panama was the amount of off-speed pitches they throw. For the first time in my life, I was thrown a curveball on the first pitch of the game. I had a blast down there playing and wouldn’t mind going back, but would rather go somewhere else just to say I did it.

7.) Favorite TV show?

Right now my favorite TV show would have to be Hawaii 5-0. It’s really the only one I follow on a weekly basis.

8.) Favorite food?

My mom is a beast in the kitchen, so anything she cooks is my fave. Other than that I would go with sushi.

9.) What’s the most memorable moment of your baseball career thus far?

It would definitely have to be hitting leadoff in a Spring Training game last year, in front of guys like Chipper Jones, Brian McCann, and Alex Gonzalez. Chipper was one of my faves growing up because he played on my favorite team and was also from Jacksonville, FL. It was definitely memorable to hit in front of a future Hall of Famer.

10.) Lastly, what advice would you give to kids who are just starting out, that dream of playing professional baseball one day?

To hustle on and of the field at all times, practice hard and play hard, but most importantly it is just a game so make sure you have fun.


Big thanks to Myke Jones for taking the time to answer my questions.

You can follow him on twitter: @MykeJones21


My Official Apology To Dan Uggla

If you never read the entry that jinxed Dan Uggla, CLICK HERE, to read it. If you’ve already read it, continue reading…..

My apology to Dan Uggla for jinxing him is as follows:

Dear Dan Uggla,

As you probably haven’t heard, I posted a blog entry on you yesterday. It was about your 33 game hit streak and my prediction of how far I felt you would go before your streak was broken.

I quickly got my answer.

Mere hours after the entry was posted, the ballgame was over, and you had gone hitless.

It was my fault.

Knowing that I am the BIGGEST jinx in the world, I posted the entry anyway. The entry that ruined your chance of extending your hit streak to 34 games.

So, I apologize. For doing the stupidest thing, that a jinx can do. Jinx you, by talking/writing about your hit streak.

Please accept my apology.

Your biggest jinx,

-Matt Huddleston

And there you have it. My official apology to Dan Uggla.

I hope he accepts.

Dear reader. I know that Dan Uggla will NEVER see this. (I’m not THAT stupid.) It was just a fun little entry in which I apologized *to* Dan Uggla.

Just wanted to make that clear.

How Long “Dan” He Go?

Dan Uggla has gotten at least one hit in every game since July 5th. That calculates out to a 33 game hit streak. The longest hit streak this season, and the longest in Atlanta Braves history.

A hit today and tomorrow would tie him, with Chase Utley and Luis Castillo,  for the longest hit streak ever for a second baseman, with 35 straight games. A record that seems more than likely, with the way Uggla’s been hitting lately. Completley locked in.

So, three more games with a hit would put him in the record books for the longest hitting streak ever for a second baseman. And five more games with a hit would make him the lone record holder for longest hit streak in Braves franchise history. (A record currently held by Tommy Holmes. As he went on a streak of 37 straight games for the Boston Braves, back in 1945.)

Considering the fact that Dan Uggla seems to be locked in while at the plate lately, I’d say he has a great chance of passing Tommy Holmes record, and possibly reaching a hit streak of 40 games. But what are his chances of passing, or even coming close to Joe DiMaggio’s record of 56 games, set back in 1941? Only time will tell.

The only thing that is for certain is that Dan Uggla is hitting better than anyone else in MLB. That isn’t an opinion, it’s an actual fact, supported by his incredible stats. 

If Uggla does continue his streak 23 more games to tie DiMaggio for longest hit streak ever, it will come on September 6 in Philadelphia. (With Uggla breaking DiMaggio’s record on the 7th.)

But that’s a long way off, and a lot has to, and could happen, between now and then.

We’ll have to just wait and see.

So what do you think Dan Uggla’s chances are of breaking DiMaggio’s record of a 56 game hitting streak that has stood for the past 60 years? Do you think he will break it? If not, how many games do you think he’ll get to before the streak is broken? Leave a comment, and let me hear your thoughts…….

(Personally I think Dan Uggla will make it to 42 games with a hit, before failing to get a hit in the 43rd game. Why 42? I don’t know. It’s just a number that stands out in my head.)


Well, the Braves game is over, and so is the streak. My apology to Dan Uggla for jinxing him will come in my next entry. No really. I’m going to post an entry apologizing to Dan. It’ll be up tomorrow……


Here’s the link to my apology: CLICK HERE