Play’s Beat the Streak In A Day

The ‘Beat the Streak’ fantasy baseball game has been around for over the past decade. Offering the chance for any fan to pick up 5.6 million dollars if they can amass a consecutive 57 players picked with a hit, it’s no surprise why it’s so popular.Streak

And yet, no one has ever taken home the top prize. Several have come close, but none have even cracked the 50 mark. With only a couple of weeks remaining in the season, it appears that the money for a 57-game hit streak is safe again.

But is giving the fans one last shot at becoming a millionaire overnight — admittedly, it is a long shot at best.

As they have done several times this season and over the past several years, fans are being given the opportunity to beat the streak in a day (tonight, to be specific). If anyone picks 57 players who all record at least one hit tonight, they will win the grand prize. Therefore, I’m giving it one last go as well.

I already selected my 57 players, and you should too by clicking HERE.

Maybe you’ll get really lucky and wind up winning the money. That certainly wouldn’t be a bad exchange for 10 minutes of your time.

Beat the Streak Returns for Its 14th Year

Ever since debuted the fantasy baseball style game ‘Beat the Streak’ back in 2001, fans all around the country have been doing their very best to pick up some cash, while at the same time “beating” Joe DiMaggio’s hit streak of 56 games. With a 57-game hit streak of sorts needed to beat the streak and claim the money ($10,000 being the top prize back in 2001), fans have developed all kinds of strategies that they felt certain would help them win the game.

But no one has done it yet — in fourteen years. photo

Truly incredible when you think about it, that not one person has even come close to winning ‘Beat the Streak’, with a fan back in 2007 coming the closest of anyone, amassing a hit streak of 49 games. And therefore, since 2001, has upped the prize money. For the past several years, the top prize for breaking the hit streak has been 5.6 million dollars (yes, MILLION). That’s a pretty good prize for a free online baseball game.

The rules of the game are fairly straight forward: Pick up to two players a day that you think are the most likely to get a hit. If the player(s) you selected get a hit, your streak climbs. If, however, your player — or either player, if you pick two in a day — doesn’t get a hit, your streak falls all the way back down to zero. That can be discouraging, especially if you were in a groove and had a good streak going; making this a fun, but somewhat stressful, and seemingly impossible, game to play.

Nonetheless, is doing its very best to help someone win the game. Debuting last season was a Dunkin Donuts mulligan, which you could use only once throughout the entire season, but that saved any streak lower than 10, should your chosen player not get a hit. This season, they increased it to a 15-game hit streak, and that could possibly make the mulligan an even bigger help.

But you don’t necessarily have to come close to beating the streak to win some sort of prize. For the first time, the game is offering scratch off cards (electronic ones) that give you the chance of winning MLB game tickets, Dunkin’ Donuts gift cards, MLB.TV subscriptions, merchandise and much more. With all the possible prizes and neat stuff you can get, this year’s ‘Beat the Streak’ could turn out to be the best one yet.

While the odds may seem slim, they’re actually your best odds to win this amount of money. It’s not easy to win ‘Beat the Streak’ by any means, but with your odds of winning 5.6 million dollars being less than one in a million, by many accounts, you stand a better chance of winning this game than you do your local lottery. (Unlike the lottery, where you get one shot, you get multiple chances in a game for your player to get a hit. )

So give it a shot. It doesn’t cost anything, so you have nothing to lose. And who knows, maybe, with a little luck, you’ll be the first person ever to beat the streak and take home the money. That’s definitely worth playing for.

2013 MLB Beat the Streak

Sunday night marked the beginning of another season of Major League Baseball, as the Houston Astros took on the Texas Rangers, recording their first win as a member of the American League. I didn’t see the Astros winning the game, but that’s baseball for you. Each year brings surprises on any given day of the long 162 game season. photo

Another thing that comes with each new year is another season of MLB’s Beat the Streak, where anyone, with a little skill and a lot of luck, has the chance to win 5.6 million dollars, by “breaking” Joe DiMaggio’s all-time hit record of 56 consecutive games. Though it sounds fairly straight forward and simple, there’s a reason no one has won it in the 13 seasons it’s been around–it’s hard. Really hard.

This is my third year playing the MLB fantasy game, and I’m yet to reach a streak anywhere near the 57 needed to win the prize. Though, I feel like I stand a better chance this year with the strategy I’ve developed–if you can develop a strategy for such a game–and really think I can give it a fairly good run. Only time will tell if I’m right, or if another year of high expectations will lead to another year of disappointment.

If you think you can break the streak, I encourage you to give it a try. All you have to do is CLICK HERE and login to your account; it’s free to sign up if you don’t already have one. From there, all you have to do is pick a player each day that you feel is most likely to get a hit. If they get a hit, your streak continues, but if they fail to record a knock, your streak falls all the way back to zero; no matter how high your streak was.

See why it’s so hard?

One of the ways to give yourself the most chances to put together a 57 game hit streak, is to double-down each day. Meaning, you can pick two players, instead of one, and if they both get a hit, your streak goes up by two, growing your streak twice as fast. But be warned, if both players don’t get a hit, your streak drops back to zero. Giving it the high-risk, high-reward factor.

Whether you actually go all the way to a streak of 57, to win the big cash prize, or fare the same as guys like me, it’s still fun to just play the game. So give it a shot, and if you begin to climb up the leaderboards, be sure to leave a comment.

MLB Beat the Streak 2012

This is my second year playing Beat the Streak and quite frankly I’m not very good at it. I didn’t get started last season until sometime around July, so I figured starting out from day one of the 2012 season would give me a better chance of getting to that magic number of 57 needed to win the grand prize of 5.6 million dollars. Well, I was wrong. If anything I’m having worse luck than last year. But it’s still early, and I’m hoping things will begin to turn around for me in the coming days/weeks.

The fantasy baseball game Beat the Streak has been around for the past several seasons, and the rules are fairly simple: Pick a player everyday that you think has the best chance of getting at least one hit. (Can be the same player or a different one. It’s up to you.) As long as that player gets a hit your streak continues–whether they go 4-4, or a mere 1-4 in that particular game.

A slight twist has been added this year to make it more exciting. In years past you would pick your one player and that was it. This season you have the option to double down and pick two players that you think will get a hit. If they do, your streak increases by two instead of the conventional one. Like most things in life however, there is a catch. If either of your two picks fail to get a hit your streak goes back down to zero. So it’s high risk, but can also be high reward if you’re lucky enough to have both players record a hit.

So far this season I’ve failed to increase my streak to more than two. Each day of the season thus far I’ve chosen to take “advantage” of the double down feature, but haven’t had much luck. I might just end up doing one pick at a time if this continues to be a problem for me.

If you’re not already playing, I suggest you start. CLICK HERE to be taken to the main page. If you have an account already, just log in. If not, don’t worry, it’s really easy, and most importantly, free. Even if you’re like me and have terrible luck, it’s still fun to play. And who knows? You might just get lucky and win the 5 million bucks. (In which case you have to give me half.)


Beat The Streak–For 5.6 Million Dollars

Not much to say about this. The title says it all. If you can pick a player that beats Joe Dimaggio’s record of 56 straight games with a hit, you win 5.6 million dollars. Or, if you don’t like your chances with a single player, pick a new player everyday that you think will get at least one hit.

Here’s how to play:

  • First go to this website: CLICK HERE!!!

  • Next click either “Free: Sign Up Now” or “Already Playing? Log in>” depending on if you are a registered user of

And that’s pretty much it. Just follow these easy steps and make your picks each day.