Q and A Entries Update

As stated before, I’m doing a Q and A on a MLB player, or baseball analyst, ever Wednesday and Saturday, until the end of the baseball season. Below is an updated list of the players that have answered my questions, and the ones that haven’t answered, but said that they would:


Brent Lillibridge

Daniel Hudson

Mike O’Hara and Ryan Wagner

Jeremy Guthrie


Brandon McCarthy

Shawn Kelley

Frank Catalanotto

Josh Lueke

David Aardsma

Bud Norris

John Baker

Bryan Harper

Chris Sampson

Casper Wells

Casey Kelly


Shelley Duncan

Chris Rose

R.A. Dickey

Torii Hunter

Sam LeCure

Chuck Knoblauch

So be sure to check back every Wednesday and Saturday (at least) to read a new Q and A entry. (Order is not yet determined.)

Q and A With Brent Lillibridge

Today is the start of the Q and A entries that I’ll post every Wednesday and Saturday, until the end of the MLB season.

Today’s Q and A entry, is on Brent Lillibridge. Outfielder for the Chicago Whitesox.

Lillibridge made his major league debut on April 26, 2008 for the Atlanta Braves. Since being traded to the White Sox, Lillibridge has belted eleven home runs as well as collected 45 RBI’s. Although his stats can be found in two seconds through a Google search, there are other interesting things about him that can’t be found as easily. If at all. The type of things the¬†questions below were meant to unveil:

1.) Favorite type of music.


2.) Favorite song.

“These Hard Times. (By NeedToBreathe.)”

3.) Favorite food.


4.) Favorite T.V. show.

Left unanswered.

5.) Favorite movie.


6.) Favorite book.

“Heaven. (By Randy Alcorn.)”

7.) Favorite thing to do in free time.

“[Be] on a boat.”

8.) Favorite time of year.

“Summer. (In Seattle.)”

9.) Favorite sport, besides baseball.


10.) Favorite player growing up.

“Omar Vizquel.”

11.) Favorite shoe brand.


12.) Favorite car.


13.) Favorite subject, when in school.


14.) Favorite quote.

“John 3:30-He must increase, but I must decrease.”

15.) Favorite moment of baseball career, thus far.

“Robbing Cano of a game winner. And [robbing] Crisp of a home run.”

I hope this helped you to learn more about Brent Lillibridge of the Chicago White Sox.


Big thanks to Brent Lillibridge for answering my questions.

You can follow Brent Lillibridge on twitter: @BSLillibridge

The next Q and A entry will be posted Saturday, August 13th, on Daniel Hudson, of the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Starting THIS Wednesday

Starting this Wednesday, and continuing every Wednesday, until the end of the baseball season, I’m going to post a blog entry on a MLB player or ESPN/MLB Network baseball analyst.

It will be a Q and A type entry with random questions like, “What’s your favorite food?” and stuff like that. Basically questions to help you to learn random but interesting things about that person.

This Wednesday’s entry is going to be on Brent Lillibridge.

In no particular order, the next three entries after that will be on Shawn Kelley, Shelley Duncan, and Intentional Talk’s Chris Rose.

I’m going to try to get more MLB players, and baseball analysts to answer my questions, but those are the guaranteed four I’ve gotten so far.

So check back every Wednesday, at least, for that.