Blog Entry Schedule

I’m leaving today for Greensboro, NC. More specifically, Newbridge Bank Park.

Last time I was there the date was May 23rd, 2011, and Bryce Harper was in town.

No Bryce Harper this time. In fact, no really BIG superstar prospects. Just me, my grandparents, and a couple of ballgames. (7:00 game tonight. And a 12:30 game tomorrow.)

As far as the blog goes, I’m still going to post a Q and A entry tomorrow, on Mike O’Hara and Ryan Wagner of the MLB Fan Cave. I’ll then post a recap from tonight’s game, on Thursday. And a recap from tomorrow’s game, on Friday. Then another Q and A entry on Saturday, on Jeremy Guthrie.

Wow, that’s a busy blogging schedule. But I can handle it. (I hope.)

In other news:


As you more than likely already know, Jim Thome hit his 600th home run last night. Becoming the first player EVER to hit home run number 599 and 600 in back to back at bats.

Jim Thome is a great person in addition to being an amazing ballplayer. He deserves to celebrate his incredible accomplishment with pride.

Below are some tweets congratulating Jim Thome on his 600th HR. Be warned. There are a lot of them. (Even if you don’t want to read the tweets, scroll down to the bottom to see the 600th home run ball.)

 Here’s the actual 600th home run ball:

Pretty cool stuff.

Congrats again to Jim Thome.