Egraphs Adds NBA; Giving Away A Free Egraph

When Egraphs first launched, back in July of 2012, it was merely a product for fans of Major League Baseball. While that’s just fine for many of you reading–as the majority of you are presumably baseball fans–for those of you who are fans of other sports, you were out of luck for the past six months. But that’s not the case any more, as Egraphs has recently broadened it’s horizon to include the National Basketball Association.Curry_to_Romo

Currently offering nearly 80 players, with new players being added all the time, the NBA Egraphs are well on their way to becoming as popular as the MLB Egraphs have become.

But it’s not a real mystery as to why the Egraph concept has been so well received by sports fans around the country.

Egraphs is one of the most ingenious sports related ideas to come along in awhile, as it allows for a player-to-fan interaction that no other company is able to provide–making it a one of a kind product.

As I first wrote about last month, Egraphs isn’t simply unique in the sense that it provides an electronically produced autograph from your favorite sports figure. What makes this product incredible is the personal audio message that comes along with each Egraph, recorded just for you, by the player in which you purchase the Egraph from. There’s currently no other company that even comes close to offering anything on the same level.

Running anywhere from 25-125 dollars, depending on the player–including guys like Hakeem Olajuwon, Tracy McGrady and Stephen Curry from the NBA, and R.A. Dickey, David Price and Ryan Braun from MLB–Egraphs is a must-have for any sports fan.

Whether you’re a fan of the NBA, MLB, or both, the cost of an Egraph is truly a small price to pay for a priceless interaction with the athlete you idolize.

While an Egraph normally runs 25 dollars and up, I’ve teamed up with Egraphs to give away one at a very discounted price: FREE. That’s right; you have a chance to receive a free Egraph from the (NBA or MLB) player of your choice.

The rules for entering to win are fairly simple:

  1. You MUST be following myself and Egraphs on Twitter. If you’re not, you aren’t eligible to win. So go ahead and make sure you’re doing that, by following me (@MLBFollower1) and Egraphs (@Egraphs) on Twitter.
  2. Fill out the ‘Egraph Giveaway’ form by clicking HERE.
  3. You’re only allowed to enter once. While the form will let you enter as many times as you’d like, I’ll be checking, and if your information shows up more than once, you automatically become ineligible to win. So, please, enter only once.

You have from now until 11:59:59 p.m. EST on Monday, January 21st to enter.

The randomly selected winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 22nd, on Twitter.


The contest is over. A winner has been selected.

The Electronic Autograph

If you’re one of the millions of people around the world who falls under the category of “baseball fan”, odds are that you’ve found yourself seeking the autograph of your favorite player at one time or another. Even if you wouldn’t classify as an autograph collector, surely even the slightest of fan would jump at the chance to acquire their idols’ signature.

But getting an autograph from your favorite major leaguer isn’t always as simple as heading out to the ballpark after dinner. If you find yourself residing in one of the many states that lacks a Major League Baseball team, getting autographs in person can be a difficult and costly task.

Of course, there’s always the option of mailing an autograph request to the ballpark, but you can’t always guarantee that the player you admire will be able to take the time, during their hectic 162-game season, to sign your enclosed item; especially if they happen to be everyone’s favorite player, and receive hundreds of letters every month.

Too many times have I sent off one of my most cherished baseball cards, to one of my favorite players, only to be disappointed in the end when daily trips to the mailbox resulted in the same outcome: No autograph.

Until recently, the only other option remaining for a person looking to obtain an authentic signature they so greatly desired was to scour the internet for the most economically priced example they could find; usually still costing a couple hundred dollars. And even then, nothing connects you to the player personally. It’s just one of the thousands of autographs the player has signed over the years. Nothing all that tremendously special.

That’s why I was so intrigued the first time I heard of the latest in sports memorabilia technology: The electronic autograph; Egraph, for short. Costing anywhere from 25-115 dollars, depending on the player, an Egraph is an electronic autograph, produced by the player of your choice on their own personal iPad. The best part being that it’s guaranteed to be returned, in 2-3 weeks, and in addition, comes along with an audio message, recorded by the player themselves, just for you.

You can’t get much more of a fan-to-player interaction than that.


The first step in creating your Egraph is to select which player you’d like to receive an Egraph from. With roughly 200 players (current and former greats) and managers–with more being added all the time–it’s not an easy choice. Undoubtedly making this the most difficult portion of the entire process.

After deciding on a specific player, and choosing which background photo you’d like the autograph to appear over, the only thing left to do is to make the decision of what you would like inscribed on your photo.

You have the choice of typing exactly what you want the player to write, or you can choose for them to create their own response. As is the case with the entire Egraph process, it’s up to you. But in the end, no matter what you decide, you really can’t go wrong.

As stated earlier, no two Egraphs are alike. They’re made by the player specifically for you. Take for example my own personal Egraph, created by Mets’ third basemen, David Wright:
Screenshot (2)

CLICK HERE to listen to David Wright’s audio message.

Wright could make a thousand more Egraphs and would never again make one exactly like the one you see above. That’s what makes Egraphs such an ingenious idea. It allows you to connect with the games’ greats in a personal way that hasn’t been possible up until now; and I can only see it taking off in popularity from here.

If you’d like to purchase an Egraph, head to, or simply click the Egraph ad on the right sidebar to be taken to the site.