Sometimes I Hate the Internet

The title says it all. Sometimes, I really do HATE the internet. The past few days fall under the category of “sometimes”, as I’ve had no internet connection at all. Due to the loss of internet, I was unable to do a Q and A blog entry on Wednesday. Furthermore, I doubt I’ll be able to do a Q and A on Saturday. (I’m still working on getting my internet to 100 percent working order.) But everything should be back to normal next week.

As for the future blog entry schedule, here’s what I plan on doing:

Monday- Q and A With John Baker (Make up for Wednesday.)

Tuesday- Q and A With Yonder Alonso (Make up for tomorrow.)

Wednesday- Q and A With Steve Cishek

Things should be back to normal starting Thursday.

If the internet doesn’t die on me again, I plan to begin blogging every day that I possibly can, starting Thursday. As the postseason will soon be upon us, and I’ll have a lot to blog about.