My Official Apology To Dan Uggla

If you never read┬áthe entry that jinxed Dan Uggla, CLICK HERE, to read it. If you’ve already read it, continue reading…..

My apology to Dan Uggla for jinxing him is as follows:

Dear Dan Uggla,

As you probably haven’t heard, I posted a blog entry on you yesterday. It was about your 33 game hit streak and my prediction of how far I felt you would go before your streak was broken.

I quickly got my answer.

Mere hours after the entry was posted, the ballgame was over, and you had gone hitless.

It was my fault.

Knowing that I am the BIGGEST jinx in the world, I posted the entry anyway. The entry that ruined your chance of extending your hit streak to 34 games.

So, I apologize. For doing the stupidest thing, that a jinx can do. Jinx you, by talking/writing about your hit streak.

Please accept my apology.

Your biggest jinx,

-Matt Huddleston

And there you have it. My official apology to Dan Uggla.

I hope he accepts.

Dear reader. I know that Dan Uggla will NEVER see this. (I’m not THAT stupid.) It was just a fun little entry in which I apologized *to* Dan Uggla.

Just wanted to make that clear.