Yoenis Cespedes Signs With Oakland

When I woke up Monday morning the rumor was still that the Miami Marlins were the front-running candidates to sign Cuban phenom, Yoenis Cespedes. That’s why it was a huge shock to me, and most of the baseball world, when it was announced that Cespedes had signed a 4-year, 36 million dollar deal, with the Oakland Athletics. As far as the move goes, I’m not sure what the logic is behind it, on both Billy Beane, and Yoenis Cespedes’s part. As far as Billy Beane goes, we all know this guy makes crazy moves, but in my opinion this move is crazy even for him. The Athletics traded away three of their best pitchers (Trevor Cahill, Andrew Bailey and Gio Gonzalez) during the offseason. Replacing them with a big bat will only go so far in helping your team. You need starting pitching, as well as a good offensive lineup to help your team win games.

The Athletics did pick up pitching prospect Jarrod Parker from the Diamondbacks, but to me they still need one more guy on the roster to help this team be even slightly more successful than they were last season. Manny Ramirez could be the addition they need, as rumor has it that Oakland is still looking to sign him. Although I feel Ramirez’s career in MLB has run it’s course I’m not going to pitch a fit if he ends up signing with the Athletics; or any team for that matter. I think it’d be interesting to see whether or not he still has the ability to help a team win, or do just the opposite.

Moving on, let me take a minute to tell you how I feel the Yoenis Cepedes signing will effect the team. First of all, I’d like to point out (in case you’ve forgotten) that the Athletics finished next to last this past season, just beating out the Mariners. I feel that the Mariners will flip flop spots with the Athletics this year. Reason being, the Mariners have several young guys that I feel will come through big for them this season. The main guy to watch being Jesus Montero, who was traded by the Yankees. If Montero can put up big numbers in Seattle I can see the Mariners doing well this season. As far as the Athletics go, I just don’t see enough talent there to give them a chance at coming in any higher than last place in the AL West division. But Oakland, if you’re reading this (haha), prove me wrong.

If you’ve got a minute (or 20) take the time to watch ‘The Showcase’ video of Yoenis Cespedes, if you haven’t already seen it. The guy’s in freakishly good shape:


Top 5 Favorite Players-2011 Update # 2

Now that we are over two weeks into the 2011 baseball season, we are getting a better idea of how well our favorite players are performing. Here is update number 2 for my five favorite players:

Since my last update Heath has earned another save making his career total 93 saves. In the two innings he has pitched in this season, he has only allowed one hit. That is extremely good pitching folks. (The Padres are currently 3-2.)

Derek Jeter has gotten 4 more hits since my last update. This puts him at 6 hits on the year, and 2,932 for his career. This puts him ever so slightly closer to the 3,000 hit mark, with only 68 needed to do so. Although Jeter seems to be getting at least one hit a game recently, his average is still just .231. However I believe Jeter is going to lock in soon. (The Yankees are currently 4-3. Not including the outcome of today’s, currenly in progress, game against the Redsox.)

Tim has now allowed 1 earned run in his two starts, putting his ERA at .64. In his second game pitched he allowed just one run on a home run. But only one run allowed isn’t the main story. He struck out 13 Padres batters. That’s not a typo….THIRTEEN. Although he gave up the home run he still got the win. Tim’s record is now 1-1. (The Giants are currently 3-4.)

Albert still hasn’t locked in during his at bats. He is still having trouble getting hits, with his hits to at bats ratio being 5-28; or a .179 batting average, for those of you who don’t excell in math. Pujols has only hit one home run this year, putting his total still at 409 for his career. He better start improving soon, or the Cardinals may be in trouble this season without their best slugger doing just that…slugging. (The Cardinals are currently 2-5.)

Mariano Rivera is currently the most dominant closer in baseball. He’s gotten four saves in four attempts. This puts his career saves total at 563 saves. Only 39 saves away from the all time saves record. Rivera looks so great right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got the save in every opportunity this season.


  • Manny Ramirez has decided to retire from baseball.

  • The Rays and the Red Sox finally got their first wins.

  • The Rangers continue their winning streak and are currently 6-0.

I’m still planning on doing one of these update entries EVERY Saturday of the season. So be sure to check back at LEAST every Saturday………

Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez To the Rays?

If you follow Major League Baseball at all, then you have already heard that Johnny Damon and Manny Ramirez are going to Tampa. I for one, have never really liked Manny Ramirez. I feel that he is too showy, and doesn’t give it his all in every game. I do however like Johnny Damon. I have always thought of Damon as a nice guy, and like how he plays.

Considering that both Damon and Ramirez used to be teammates on the Redsox:
….it will be interesting to see how they interact with each other. Will it be a happy reunion, or not?
Reports say that Damon will earn 5.25 million, while Ramirez will earn just 2 million. They will both however, combine to bring attendance levels up. What do you think? Will Damon and Ramirez help or hurt the Rays? Will they give the team a boost to make it all the way to the World Series?

Let me know what you think……


Well, the whole Ramirez thing didn’t go as planned…….