Explanation Of Me (First Entry)

Just in case the URL didn’t give it away, I am unbiased when it comes to Major League Baseball teams. I root for teams with the players I like, but have no team in particular that I root for the most. I feel that even the most avid fans of teams have players on their favorite team that they don’t like. That’s why I choose to root for players individually and not entire teams. (Does that make sense?)

Please leave a comment if you feel the same as me. If you wish, you can also leave a comment of your favorite team, and why you enjoy that team more than the other 29 teams.

I have no amazing story such as snagging 100 GAME home runs or anything like that. As a matter of fact; I have never even snagged one baseball. I’m just your average baseball fan. Who enjoys cheering on certain players rather than a team.