Latest MLB Leaders

Below are the stats of MLB players that lead all of baseball in something. (Accurate as of 1:00p.m. on September 17, 2011). They are broken down into Hitting and Pitching, but not into NL or AL:


Most Games Played-Prince Fielder (151)

Most At-Bats-Starlin Castro (631)

Most Hits-Adrian Gonzalez (198)

Most Triples-Jose Reyes (16)

Most Home Runs-Jose Bautista (42)

Most RBI’s-Ryan Howard (113)

Most Base On Balls-Jose Bautista (121)

Most Strikeouts-Drew Stubbs (193)

Most Stolen Bases-Michael Bourn (55)

Most Caught Stealing-Juan Pierre (14)

Most Intentional Base On Balls-Prince Fielder (29)

Most Hit By Pitch-Carlos Quentin (23)

Most Sacrifice Flies-Adam Jones (12)

Most Total Bases-Jacoby Ellsbury (326)

Most Extra Base Hits-Robinson Cano (76)

Most Grounded Into Double Plays-Albert Pujols (29)

Most Ground Outs-Ichiro Suzuki (262)

Most Air Outs-Ian Kinsler (220)

Most Number Of Pitches Faced-Curtis Granderson (2,888)

Most Plate Appearances-Ian Kinsler (677)


Most Wins-Justin Verlander (23)

Most Losses-Jeremy Guthrie (17)

Most Games Pitched-Jonny Venters (80)

Most Saves-Jose Valverde (45)

Most Innings Pitched-Justin Verlander (236)

Most Hits Allowed-Carl Pavano (242)

Most Unearned Runs Allowed-Fausto Carmona (118)

Most Earned Runs Allowed-Bronson Arroyo (108)

Most Home Runs Allowed-Bronson Arroyo (44)

Most Srikeouts-Justin Verlander (238)

Most Complete Games-James Shields (11)

Most Shutouts-Cliff Lee (6)

Most Hit Batsmen-Jonathan Lackey (19)

Most Games Finished-Jose Valverde (65)

Most Groundouts Achieved-Jake Westbrook (278)

Most Wild Pitches-A.J. Burnett (25)

Most Stolen Bases Allowed-Ted Lilly (33)

Most Pickoffs-James Shields (11)

Most Batters Faced-C.C. Sabathia (955)

Most Pitches Thrown-Justin Verlander (3,705)

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