8 thoughts on “MLB Logo and Its Designer

  1. Great background blog post.
    Iloved that you got a reply, plus got some definite answers to the evolution and creation of the MLB logo.
    This is one of the reason I love this site. People who do not have any monetary reward get information like this interview that far outweigh playing $ 3.00+ for a slick magazine.
    Seriously, awesome job.

    Rays Renegade

  2. Nice post, and it’s cool that he sent you a signed card. I have a friend that swears the logo is Harmon Killebrew. I think I read an interview once that said Harmon is not the logo. But when you look at it, and remember that Killebrew was coming off one of his best seasons in ’67 during the height of his career, it sure does look like Killebrew.

  3. Sorry to disapoint your friend. But one of the things Jerry told me in the email was that it was NOT Harmon Killebrew; like most people think. I didn’t include that bit of information in this entry, because it was not a question *I* had asked him. It was just something extra I was told by Jerry. But I can see why people think that it is Killebrew.

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