Latest MLB Leaders (March 28th-May 31st)

With the first two months of the 2012 MLB season in the books I thought I’d take the first day of the June to recap the season thus far.

Instead of talking about the events that have taken place so far this year, I decided to make a list of different categories and beside them name the player(s) that lead that particular category. I did something similar last year, but not until September. I’m planning on posting an entry like this on the first day of each month. (That would make 4 more of these if you’re keeping score at home.)

The following lists are categorized into hitting and pitching, but NOT AL or NL:


Most Games Played-Five way tie for most. (52)

Most At-Bats-Michael Bourn (221)

Most Hits-Melky Cabrera (78)

Highest Average-Paul Konerko (.381)

Most Runs-Carlos Gonzalez (44)

Most Doubles-Joey Votto (22)

Most Triples-Melky Cabrera and Orlando Hudson. (6)

Most Home Runs-Josh Hamilton (21)

Most RBI’s-Josh Hamilton (57)

Most Base On Balls-Joey Votto (43)

Most Strikeouts-Adam Dunn (82)

Most Stolen Bases-Emilio Bonifacio (20)

Most Caught Stealing-Willie Bloomquist (6)

Most Intentional Base On Balls-Four way tie for most. (6)

Most Hit By Pitch-Carlos Ruiz (7)

Most Sacrifice Flies-Chris Capuano (9)

Most Total Bases-Josh Hamilton (139)

Most Extra Base Hits-Four way tie for most. (30)

Most Grounded Into Double Plays-Joe Mauer (12)

Most Ground Outs-Yunel Escobar (98)

Most Air Outs-Marco Scutaro (73)

Most Number Of Pitches Faced-Adam Dunn (1,007)

Most Plate Appearances-Michael Bourn (240)


Most Wins-Cole Hamels and Lance Lynn. (8)

Most Losses-Nine way tie for most. (6)

Best ERA-Brandon Beachy (1.77)

Most Games Started-Jason Vargas (12)

Most Games Pitched-Tim Byrdak (29)

Most Saves-Chris Perez (17)

Most Innings Pitched-Justin Verlander (81.1)

Most Hits Allowed-Ivan Nova (79)

Most Runs Allowed-Clay Buchholz and Mike Minor. (47)

Most Earned Runs Allowed-Clay Buchholz and Mike Minor. (45)

Most Home Runs Allowed-Ervin Santana (15)

Most Srikeouts-Justin Verlander (82)

Most Walks-Ubaldo Jimenez (42)

Most Complete Games-Justin Verlander (3)

Most Shutouts-Brandon Morrow (2)

Most Hit Batsmen-Gavin Floyd (8)

Most Games Finished-Jonathan Papelbon and Fernando Rodney (22)

Most Groundouts Achieved-Henderson Alvarez (114)

Most Double Plays Achieved-Cliff Lee (14)

Most Wild Pitches-Henry Rodriguez

Most Balks-Ian Kennedy (4)

Most Stolen Bases Allowed-Matt Latos (11)

Most Pickoffs-Johnny Cueto, Derek Holland and Clayton Kershaw. (3)

Most Batters Faced-Felix Hernandez (317)

Most Pitches Thrown-Justin Verlander (1,228)

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